PETA Video Called Out By Real Dairy Farmer

Chuck Zimmerman

Dairy CarrieThe world’s beloved AgShill Heiress Dairy Farmer Carrie Chestnut Mess, aka Dairy Carrie, is once again showing her brilliance as she has just pretty well slam dunked PETA and their latest dairy cow (bull) manure video release. As of now her revealing story has been visited over a quarter million times. With your help in spreading the word how about we make that over a million? Can do?

You can read her post to see links to what this is all about if you don’t know. What PETA didn’t consider, because who knows if they even have a coherent thought, is that a real dairy farmer would see through their sham video. Here’s an excerpt from Dairy Carrie’s story:

I started talking to other dairy farmers about this video and how there was absolutely no defending it when I realized something… The barn they show really is unbelievably dirty… as in so dirty that you have to ask yourself if what they are showing you is really real.

As I watched the video again I realized that the cows themselves were telling me the truth…

Yes PETA people, farmers love and know their animals so well they can tell you what’s going on with them just by looking at them. Bet you didn’t know that.

So, help spread this around if you can. It only takes a minute to tweet or share a link to the real story. And, btw you reporters who took this at face value and reported it from the PETA release, you really should do your job which would be a little research to get some reaction from a dairy farmer like Dairy Carrie!

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