Protein Export Numbers

Jamie Johansen

nafb-usmefLeann Saunders, Chairman U.S. Meat Export Federation, was on hand during National Association of Farm Broadcasting Trade Talk to update us all on current and future export numbers for beef, pork and lamb.

“It has been a great year for exports when you look at statistics January through December. We’ve seen unprecedented growth, 5 billion in pork exports, 5 billion in beef exports. When you look at what that means for the producers bottom line, that is over $280/head for a beef producer and $65/head for pork producers. Great growth in our international markets.”

Looking into 2015, Leann said it’s a challenge when we have limited supplies, see higher prices and increased competition. “It’s not an easy place to compete in today, but the relationships we have been creating the last four years continue to help, along with great supply chains that are working collectively to get these proteins to consumers worldwide.”

Leann also commented on the most recent trade issue involving Country of Origin Labeling (COOL). “When we look at this particular issue from USMEF’s perspective it’s all about hoping we can be WTO compliant with whatever is decided to be the path regarding COOL.”

Listen to or download my complete interview with Leann here: Interview with Leann Saunders, USMEF

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