Weekly Box Beef Report

Jamie Johansen

USDA Market ReportEach week, Ed Czerwien, USDA Market News, brings us the Weekly Box Beef Report. Here is the report for week ending March 7th, 2015.

Weekly boxed beef trade for week ending Mar 07. The daily spot Choice box beef cutout ended the week last Friday at 248.48 which was 0.90 higher. There were 615 loads sold for the week in the daily box beef cutout. It was about 10 percent of the total volume.

The Comprehensive or weekly average Choice cutout which includes all types of sales including the daily spot cutout was 245.12 which was 2.49 higher. There were 6761 total loads sold which was 889 loads higher than the previous week. The formula sales were at 3449 loads which was only 131 loads higher than last week and are 51 percent of the total loads sold.

Listen to the complete report here: Weekly Box Beef Report

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