Monitor Meat Temp Remotely with MadgeTech Cloud

Jamie Johansen

MadgeTechLogoNow, with MadgeTech Cloud Services, remote temperature monitoring from the palm of your hand just became an around the clock reality, providing instant access to critical data, on demand, from wherever you are. Even if you have facilities across the country. All data is wrangled and displayed neatly in one convenient, easy to navigate view.

MadgeTech Cloud Services enhances wireless monitoring by allowing users to remotely view temperature data from a phone, tablet, laptop or any internet enabled device. This is a giant leap in quality control and efficiency for meat processors everywhere.

Be up and running in minutes without complicated hardware or set up costs. All that is needed is the latest version of the free MadgeTech Data Logger software and a MadgeTech Cloud Services account which is also free to try for 30 days with no obligation. The monthly fee after the free trial is only $10/month for up to 5 data loggers. More data loggers can be added in blocks of 5 for an additional $10 and removed at any time.

The MadgeTech technical sales team is always available and there to assist should you have questions or need help. See a live demo or try it on your phone or tablet. View humidity or pressure data as well by clicking on the measurement displayed in the summary for any data loggers monitoring more than just temperature. Directly access current readings as well as a graph for the trend of the most recent 100 readings by clicking on the data logger name in the summary list.

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