ASA Says Biodiesel Production Helps Livestock Industry

John Davis

ams15-asa-wadeWhile the American Soybean Association (ASA) is happy the latest proposal for biodiesel under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is higher than it was, they would still like to see more. At last week’s Ag Media Summit, ASA president and farmer Wade Cowan of Texas said they want the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to understand that more biodiesel production actually benefits the livestock industry.

“It’s a product that not only helps all the consumers who use diesel, but it also helps livestock producers,” he said. “When the oil portion of the soybean is buoyed, it helps to have that extra soybean meal in the market.”

Cowan added that 15-20 years ago when soybean oil use dropped off, so did the amount of soybean meal available for livestock producers, who had to go to inferior alternative feeds for their animals. Now that biodiesel production is upping the amount of soybean meal available, those producers can go back to a feed they know will produce the positive results for their operations.

Cowan also said that ASA is not looking for the moon when it comes to biodiesel requirements, just reasonable numbers. “We’re just asking to keep them high enough that they are realistic goals that make the industry want to go forward.”

Listen to an interview with Cowan here: Interview with Wade Cowan, American Soybean Association president

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