Two New Books for Chicken and Bee Keepers

Kelly Marshall

unnamed-2 unnamedQuarto Publishing Group has announced the addition of two new books to help those who raise chickens or are beekeepers.  Both books are recently off the press so they’re timely, current and good resources.

The Chicken Keeper’s Problem Solver is written by longtime chicken keeper and poultry expert Chris Graham guides you through 100 common problems faced by chicken keepers. Each issue is tackled in depth, with photographs and diagrams, as well as a wide range of practical tips and useful insights.

The Beekeeper’s Problem Solver helps you get the basics right in beekeeping. It will help you form a  solid appreciation of important areas such as hives management, breed choice, and health requirements. Longtime bee keeper and apiary expert James E. Tew guides you through 100 common problems faced by beekeepers, spelling out in clear and simple terms what the underlying cause is and how to solve it.

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