Dairy Products & Consumer Confidence

Jamie Johansen

nafb-15-141-editedThe Midwest Dairy Association was among the many agricultural organizations who took advantage of NAFB’s Trade Talk to discuss pressing issues impacting their members. I spoke with Jerry Messer, dairy farmer from North Dakota and chairman of the National Dairy Council.

Jerry shares more about the checkoff’s work with Fuel Up to Play 60. He said they are in 73,000 schools which is creating an impact on 16 million kids. Consumer confidence is another hurdle the checkoff is focused on. They have continued to stay on the cutting edge utilizing technology to share their message. And that tech used is simply social media.

McDonald’s also had a big announcement. The fast-food chain will be using 100% real butter on all their menu items. For dairy farmers, Jerry said it means 600 million lbs. of dairy products being sold just through McDonald’s. Listen to my complete interview with Jerry here: Interview with Jerry Messer, Midwest Dairy

nafb-15-143-editedStephanie Cundith is a registered dietitian for Midwest Dairy Association and our intern, Kindra Hall, caught up with her to learn more about all those health benefits associated with dairy products.

She said McDonald’s decision to use 100% real butter was made because of the checkoff’s extensive research. The checkoff is also focused on connecting consumers with farmers so they can see first hand the great pride they take in producing quality milk products. Stephanie said the Udder Truth, a myth busting campaign, and Acres and Avenues, are two examples of steps taken to strengthen that consumer education. Listen to Kindra’s complete interview with Stephanie here: Interview with Stephanie Cundith, Midwest Dairy

Download and view photos from the event here: NAFB Convention Photo Album

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