Beef Industry Talks Nutrition at #NAFB15

Lizzy Schultz

nafb-15-110-maxey Several representatives from the beef industry were on hand during Trade Talks at the 2015 National Association of Farm Broadcasters (NAFB) Convention to discuss the nutritional value of beef, and to highlight several different ways the beef industry is working to help consumers correctly incorporate it into a healthy diet.

“Right now there’s a strong focus in the industry on nutrition research, and I think we have a very strong story to tell about the nutritional value of beef,” said Cattlemen’s Beef Board Chairman Jimmy Maxey during an interview at the Convention. “Our study on Beef in an Optimally Lean Diet(BOLD) has been out for a few years now, and it’s now starting to make traction in the news, which is great.”

Listen to Kindra’s full interview with Jimmy here:
Interview with Jimmy Moxey, Cattlemen's Beef Board Chairman

nafb-15-111-zino Dave Zino, Beef Checkoff Executive Chef, was also on hand to discuss the work he does each day educating consumers and food service industry professionals on ways that beef can be incorporated into delicious menus and diet plans with incredible nutritional value.

“Around New Year’s, a lot of people want to go on a diet, and there’s not a better food source than beef to help you maintain and keep a healthy weight.” he said in an interview during Trade Talks. “Beef is a nutritional powerhouse loaded with zinc, iron, protein and B vitamins, and many cuts qualify for the government’s guidelines for lean. If you’re trying to make an effort to start off the new year fresh, please make sure beef is part of that diet.”

Listen to Kindra’s full interview with Dave here:
Interview with Dave Zino, Checkoff Executive Chef

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