Elanco Vet Med Applications Certification From CEV

Jamie Johansen

cevCEV Multimedia has launched the Elanco Veterinary Medical Applications certification, further expanding student learning opportunities and experiences in Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs.

Featuring demonstrations and materials from practicing veterinarians working with both small and large animals, the certification addresses major topics related to veterinary science and medical applications. More than 20 lessons are available via the online curriculum, including Veterinary Medical Terms & Terminology, Animals & Society, Veterinary Laws & Ethics, Common Veterinary Medical Equipment, Veterinary Medical Practices, various animal anatomy lessons and much more.

“We’re pleased to continue our partnership with Elanco by providing a new certification addressing practical applications for a career in the medical and veterinary science field” said Jeff Lansdell, president of CEV Multimedia. “With unparalleled veterinary industry leaders and resources, we’re equipping students with the foundational knowledge and skill set they need to succeed in the industry.”

Industry collaborations serve as vital opportunities that offer insight into the training and knowledge students need for both their academic coursework and career path. Through iCEV, middle and high school students receive career training with certifications from industry partners like Elanco. Students earn certifications by completing regular coursework through pre-built, online CTE lessons.

“By developing this new certification we continue to share our vision to improve the health and wellness of animals,” said Brad Williams D.V.M., beef technical consultant for Elanco. “Pursuing a veterinary track provides valuable experience for students who are passionate about transforming animal health and maintaining the well-being of our food supply and pets.”

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