Ridley Block Operations Expands Production

Jamie Johansen

Ridley Block Operations Plant MapRidley Block Operations (“RBO”), a division of Ridley Inc., an Alltech company, has expanded its livestock feed supplement low moisture block (LMB) manufacturing. LMB manufacturing in addition to RBO’s existing blocks, tubs and mineral supplements will now be available out of Flemingsburg, Kentucky.

“The new Flemingsburg facility will help reduce freight costs for RBO customers and improve RBO’s ability to respond more quickly to customer demands for low-moisture blocks in the Eastern U.S. and Canada,” said RBO president, Mark Nelson. “These customers are currently served by RBO facilities located in Minnesota, South Dakota and Texas. The additional production capacity at Flemingsburg will enable RBO to maintain consistent service levels during changing market conditions, such as the recent drought. It will also allow RBO to accommodate exceptional customer demands without interrupting normal delivery schedules.”

Customers can now source a broader selection of RBO feed supplement products from a single location and redeem the benefits of full truckload orders. RBO is unique amongst manufacturers of livestock feed supplements as the company supplies a full range of self-fed supplement products, including compressed blocks, composite blocks, pressed blocks, poured tubs, dried molasses and bagged loose minerals.

The batch production technology at the new facility will be comparable to the systems at other RBO facilities. The batch low moisture block process is a key part of Ridley’s LEAN manufacturing principles, which standardize consistent production practices that minimize waste. By constructing the new facility adjacent to their existing Flemingsburg facility, RBO hopes to strengthen efficiencies in ingredient handling and storage, base-mix blending, manufacturing personnel, office support and customer service staff.

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