QualiTech Study Shows SQM Zinc Offers Advantages

Kelly Marshall

QualiTech A recent study of the role of organic trace minerals on poultry performance was done by QualiTech.  The results showed the use of SQM Zinc as the zinc source in a broiler’s diet gave a significant advantage in the growth rate, depending on what antagonists might also be present in the diet.  This study offers evident that SQM Zinc supplementation offers better feed convert ions ratios compared to sulfates in many instances.

SQM protected minerals utilize a unique PolyTransport® technology that increases bioavailability. Created from a custom blend of polysaccharides, PolyTransport technology forms a protective escort around SQM trace minerals. This escort shields the minerals from digestive damage until they can be absorbed by the animal. PolyTransport technology also protects SQM trace minerals from harmful antagonists that can prevent or hamper absorption of minerals and diminish their benefits. QualiTech customers rely on experienced animal health and nutrition technical service consultants for expert advice on feeding practices that suit the specific needs of their animals and maximize their profit potential.

Jack Garrett, PhD, Dipl ACAN, Director of Research and Technical Services for QualiTech states: “Our vision at QualiTech is to provide our customers with credible and reliable information on our products to help improve their operation’s bottom line. This study strengthens our vision by showing that SQM Zinc in broiler diets reduces the negative impact of antagonists on performance. We are eager to continue to analyze the data generated from this study and conduct additional research studies on bioavailability to further clarify beneficial findings in the near future.”

More information is available by emailing mariad@qualitechco.com, on the website www.qualitechco.com or calling 800.328.5870.

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