Hubbard Feeds Prestarter Kicking Off Pig Growth

Lizzy Schultz

Hubbard Logo_outlined use Hubbard Feeds has announced the release of Kickoff, a new highly palatable, nutrient dense feed designed to stimulate intake for young pigs and ensure that no litter mate falls behind during important growth stages.

Whole flaked oats provide pigs with a highly digestible, nutrient enriched energy source and an effective source of fiber, making Kickoff different from other pre-starters on the market.

“Hubbard Feeds has a rich tradition of nursery pig research, especially on various proteins and ingredients”, says Emily Frugé, Research Coordinator with Hubbard Feeds. “Through this research we can determine which ingredients work best for that young pig.”

Kickoff can be used on young pigs to encourage first consumption of dry feed, and also works as a gruel for fallback pigs.

Satisfied customers love the product for its palatability, neutral smell, and how it keeps pigs from losing their bloom post weaning.

See more information on Kickoff here.

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