BASF & Balchem Introduce Amasil

Jamie Johansen

wpx-16-171-editedBASF and Balchem Corporation introduced Amasil® during the 2016 World Pork Expo. The formic acid has been approved for use by swine producers in the United States. In pig diets, Amasil is considered the most potent organic acid for feed acidification by simply lowering the pH of the feed. The less favorable environment for bacteria reduces feed-borne pathogens and decreases microbial intake.

A reduction in pH also lowers the buffering capacity, which can improve the efficacy of many digestive enzymes and lead to improved feed efficiency and growth. With the highest molecular density of any organic acid approved for feed acidification in the U.S., Amasil provides a best in class value for consumer responsive feed safety solutions.

I spoke with Mark Wright, vice president of nutrition and health for BASF, and Ted Harris, CEO for Balchem, during a press conference announcing the product to learn more about the two company’s synergy.

wpx-16-177-edited“It is a great combination. It’s a combination that was driven off of trends. Trends in the industry need new solutions. The combination of BASF and Balchem can brings those solutions. Specifically in this case, BASF is the world leader of formic acid and Balchem has very strong positions in animal nutrition. It’s a natural combination for our two companies,” said Ted.

Globally relevant mega-trends impact all markets in the agricultural world. Sustainability, population growth, food safety, middle class growth and health and well-being are all drivers when it comes to new technology and innovation development. Mark said, “We see chemistry and science as part of the solution. This product hits it from several different angles – the safe feed aspect going to the farm and into the animals, to healthy animals and finally to safe food.

The concept of safe feed, healthy animals and safe food comes full circle with Amasil. Listen to my complete interview with Mark and Ted to learn more about Amasil and the on-farm trials in the works. Interview with Mark Wright, BASF & Ted Harris, Balchem

View and download photos from the event here:2016 World Pork Expo Photo Album


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