American Farmer TV To Feature Townline Hatchery

Lizzy Schultz

RFDTV logo - white strokeAmerican Farmer TV will feature Townline Poultry Farm in an upcoming episode of the highly acclaimed TV series. The show will air in the fourth quarter 2016 and throughout early first quarter 2017, on RFD-TV. American Farmer airs Tuesdays at 8:00aET on RFD-TV. Check your local listings for more info.

Townline was originally established as a cow farm, but quickly became a chick hatchery due to the popularity of the poultry industry. As backyard flocks have begun to gain in popularity, Townline has risen to help meet the demand for baby chicks.

“We are excited and honored to showcase the process of producing baby chicks and to highlight the benefits of raising your own backyard flock on the Innovations TV series,” says John Geerlings, 4th generation owner of Townline Poultry Farm, Inc. “This is a great opportunity to educate poultry enthusiasts about what goes on prior to receiving their order of chicks.”

The episode of American Farmer that features Townline will explore how coops and additions to the hatchery have greatly changed the face of the farm. Viewers will also lean about the “hands on” approach Townline uses to raise their breeder flocks of 50,000 hens.

“It has always been and continues to be Townline’s goal to provide quality poultry with friendly, helpful service through using time tested techniques and applying new technology,” said Jennifer Tierney, Producer for American Farmer. “We look forward to enlightening our audiences on the topic.”

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