Send a Cow Supporting Farmers in Africa

Lizzy Schultz

445155 This winter, Paddy the goat is modeling a hand knitted Christmas jumper to help encourage residents of the UK make a positive difference to farmers trying to escape poverty in Africa this holiday season through the UK charity Send a Cow.

Send a Cow is encouraging people to move away from traditional gifts this festive period and instead purchase a gift which can make a tangible difference to the lives of some Africa’s poorest people. The charity has over 30 virtual gifts to choose from, including goats (£33), calves (£55) and chickens (£8).

The charity is aiming to sell 20,000 gifts this season, sold through its Christmas catalogue, which can be used across their projects in seven African countries.

Jessica Kabuiso from Uganda is one of the farmers that works with Send a Cow. She was unable to provide enough food or send her children to school and described her life as ‘miserable’. The cow she was given changed her life and the money she made from selling the milk gave her family a future.

“First I used my money to send the children to school. Then I saved. Then I bought solar power. This has made a huge difference,” she said.

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