Alltech’s 6th Annual Global Feed Survey Results

Jamie Johansen

Alltech has announced the results of their 6th annual Global Feed Survey. Results indicate that for the first time, the world produced more than 1 billion metric tons of feed in a single year and did so with a 7 percent reduction in feed mills.

The survey gathered information from 30,000 feed mills in 141 countries, making this year’s analysis the company’s most robust to date. Aidan Connolly, Alltech’s chief innovation officer and the author of the yearly survey, said there were several headlines from the 2016 data and summarized them below.

“This year clearly demonstrates the growing efficiency and consolidation of the feed industry,” said Connolly. “Not only has total feed production exceeded 1 billion tons for the first time, but it has done so with fewer facilities, which means greater efficiencies and a decreased environmental footprint.”

1. Feed production continues to consolidate
2. Production picks up speed
3. China and the U.S. are responsible for one-third of total feed production
4. The top 30 countries produce the lion’s share of total feed
5. Asia leads the regions, with Vietnam vaulting into the top 15
6. Keep your eyes on fast-growing Africa
7. Tumult in the EU but Spain is a star
8. Brazil leads in Latin America, but Mexico climbs
9. Poultry production pauses on growth
10. Pig production prospers
11. Dairy delivers growth, but in different domains
12. Beef increases to meet growing consumer demand
13. Aquaculture is affirmed
14. Most robust survey data yet on pets sees positive production trend
15. Factoring in finishing figures
– Africa has some of the highest finishing prices of any region.
– The Middle East had relatively higher finishing diet prices for layers and broilers.
– Asia continues to be one of the most expensive locations in the world to produce animals.
– Latin America strikes a moderate price range, but Brazil has increased since last year.
16. And the value of the feed industry is…
With lower feed prices overall, the cost of raising production animals has decreased. From a global perspective, this places our estimate of the value of the feed industry at $460 billion.

You can find the recorded webinar, interactive map, booklet and slides at

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