Wendy’s Tells Story of Fresh Never Frozen Beef

Kelly Marshall

With an expected audience of more than 110,000 people, the commercials that will be featured in Sunday’s Super Bowl are as big a part of the day as the sport itself. That’s why Wendy’s is taking the opportunity to share, not just about their fresh, never frozen beef, but also about the men and women who raise that beef.

Sharing that message has been a huge focus for Wendy’s over the past year, from the time their food truck appeared at the National Cattlemen’s 2016 Cattle Industry Convention & NCBA Trade Show in San Diego to it’s appearance at this year’s show in Nashville, Tennessee. The truck has literally been touring all year long, Vice President of Brand and Product Development, Carl Loredo, told Jamie Johansen at the event.

“[It’s] touting our story of fresh, American beef. I think, more than anything, we want to show our commitment to that; the fact that the cattlemen and cattlemen that are here today– they’re out there producing that beef. We’re using it, and making sure American knows that’s what we’re doing.”

There was room for improvement, Wendy’s discovered, during a Twitter discussion that led to the closing of one man’s account who seemingly forgot about the invention of the refrigerator. It’s all good now, Loredo assures us. In fact, Wendy’s even sent him a refrigerator, but it solidified the work the company has to do in reaching consumers.  “We know we have a great story to tell and we know consumers are interested in it, so hopefully we can do that in a what that is fun, and in a way that is authentic and in a way that is really interesting,” Liliana Esposito, Communications Officer for Wendy’s told Jamie.

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