Ocean Harvest Tech Launches OceanFeed Swine™

Jamie Johansen

Ocean Harvest Technology, a global company producing patent-protected animal feed solutions centered on the bioactive ingredients present in different seaweeds, has launched its flagship product OceanFeed Swine™ in North America.

“As the first patented, all-natural, seaweed-based, animal feed ingredient, OceanFeed is already being utilized by farmers around the world to improve the health of animals and we are delighted to be officially bringing OceanFeed Swine to North America,” said Patrick Martin, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ocean Harvest Technology. “Innovative approaches to improving animal health are critical to the future of the food industry and OceanFeed is the first natural, cost-effective tool of its kind that helps solve many of the most pressing issues.”

OceanFeed Swine™ delivers:
– A 100% natural, sustainable product
– Reduced need for antibiotics and selective growth promoters
– Significant improvement in animal health and welfare due to more effective nutrient uptake
– Lower animal mortality rates
– Improved fertility rates
– Increased production yields and lower costs
– Positive environmental impacts due to improved gut health and reduced animal waste
– Excellent meat quality with better taste

Agribusiness, Feed, Nutrition, Swine