Disrupt, Don’t Fear New Ideas in Beef Production

jamie johansen

ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference was all about causing a disruption in all forms of our life and of course in agriculture. And this includes the beef community. There was no better person to chat with when it comes to research in the beef industry than Dr. Vaughn Holder, Research Project Manager, Beef Nutrition, Alltech.

A Head-Out-of-the-Sand approach, was the center of discussion as he led beef leaders and agribusinesses in talks on how they can learn to embrace problems, solve issues and reframe their image. Why not be unique and bring traceable, healthy beef products to the world marketplace. Dr. Holder said you much leverage key industry resources and “steak” your claim, from farm to fork.

“I want producers to understand the types of programs and opportunities are out there for them which give them the chance to make more money and change little of what they are currently doing. I honestly believe most producers are doing the right thing and if you have the opportunity to get paid more for doing what you are doing you should do so.”

But how do you identify those opportunities? One option is independent verification companies who can walk you through what you would need to do to meet the guidelines for different programs. Dr. Holder mentioned age and sourced verified cattle and this is very timely with the recent news as U.S. beef comes closer and closer to entering China.

“Don’t shut down an idea just because you are fearful of it. You might look at these opportunities and find it’s not for you. That is fine. It doesn’t mean our heads are in the sand. But you do need to keep your eyes open to opportunities presented to you and stay relevant.”

Listen to my complete interview with Dr. Holder to learn some of the most asked questions he gets from producers and what might be the beef technology of the future here:
Interview with Dr. Vaughn Holder, Alltech

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