Milk Gets A New Voice

Edge is the new name for a large dairy cooperative formerly known as the Dairy Business Milk Marketing Cooperative. John Pagel is a Wisconsin dairy farmer currently serving as president of Edge.

“As we continued to grow, we could understand and see that we did not have what we believed was good, solid representation of federal issues in [Washington] D.C. And, as we continued to talk to our patrons and the issues and problems that they were having, we wanted to deliver more value to them as a coop,” said Pagel. “So, we are starting to focus and concentrate our efforts on being a stronger representative for our patrons in Washington, D.C.”

Pagel said priorities for the cooperative’s members heading into the new year include immigration, trade and the 2018 Farm Bill.

Listen to Jamie’s interview with John Pagel here: Interview with John Pagel, Edge

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