#CattleCon18 Kicks Off in Phoenix

jamie johansen

The 2018 Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show is under way and cattlemen and women are ready to Blaze a Trail in Phoenix, Arizona. We caught up with NCBA CEO Kendal Frazier to talk about the convention and what draws producers to the event year after year.

“We are going to have a big crowd here in Phoenix. We expect over 7,000 people this week. The reason we have the convention is to have meetings of our governance, our board of directors, our executive committees. They will develop and work on their plan for this fiscal year. But we have a lot of other things that go on during the convention,” Frazier said.

Those other things include the largest trade show in the events history, a rodeo, and cowboy comedy night to name a few. We are hosting and sourcing the Virtual Ag Newsroom for #CattleCon18, which will be updating constantly.

Listen to my chat with Kendal here: Interview with Kendal Frazier, NCBA CEO

2018 Cattle Industry Convention & Trade Show Photo Album

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