Barricade Vaccine Reducing Nursery Mortality

Carrie Muehling

A field veterinarian who has experience with Aptimmune‘s Barricade Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) vaccine plans to continue using the product. Dr. Brigitte Mason with Country View Family Farms said the vaccine significantly reduced nursery mortality when introduced into two PRRS-positive sow units.

“We have already started implementing it in our other sow unit and we’re going to do it pre-break. So, even if we don’t have a PRRS break, we’re still going to implement this product at processing. Hopefully we never do, but if we do ever have another PRRS break, we’ll implement it at weaning,” said Mason, who spoke at the 2018 Aptimmune Scientific Symposium in San Diego.

Although she said the vaccine can be a bit challenging to administer because it is a nasal spray, it is doable with a team of two or more people. Mason said it’s worth the effort to see more pigs survive and grow to market weight.

2018 Aptimmune Scientific Symposium Photo Album

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Brigitte here: Interview with Dr. Brigitte Mason, Country View Family Farms

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