On-Farm Tech Allows Producer To 'See' Mastitis

Jamie Johansen

At this year’s National Mastitis Council in Fort Worth, Texas, attendees learned about a new on-farm technology that allows dairy producers to accurately “see” mastitis before symptoms appear, using the Milk Leukocyte Differential (MLD). Rudy Rodriguez, founder of Advanced Animal Diagnostics, Durham, N.C., said similar white blood cell differential technology has long been a tool in human and companion animal …

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Alltech Lecture Tour Underway

Cindy Zimmerman

“Feeding the World – 9.3 billion people for dinner in 2050” is the theme of Alltech’s lecture tour this year that kicked off during AG CONNECT Expo in Atlanta. Dr. Mark Lyons, International Project Director for Alltech, says AG CONNECT was a great place for them to start. “We have operations in 90 countries, we’re selling into almost 120 countries,” …


Dairy's Incredible Shrinking Footprint

Cindy Zimmerman

American agriculture has a great story to tell of increasing productivity while at the same time decreasing its environmental footprint. A Town Hall Forum held Saturday at AG CONNECT Expo in Atlanta focused on “The Shrinking Environmental Footprint of Agriculture” and offered some great information about dairy farming in the United States. Dr. Jude Capper of Washington State University, a …

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