What Are You Feeding Your Cows?

Andy Vance

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How well do you know your nutrition program? Are you squeezing every drop of potential production out of your milking string? I just read an article discussing how your profitability will suffer if you either over or under estimate forage requirements for your herd. With that in mind, you might consider making plans to join me in Fort Wayne later this Spring.

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Roundup Ready Alfalfa – Coming to a Field Near You

Andy Vance

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I’ve been reading up on Alfalfa production. The last issue of Hoard’s Dairyman featured the final installment of the 55th Annual Roundtable, this session focusing on Alfalfa production. the four dairies who were represented in the disuccion had various perspectives on the different plants actually in their Alfalfa stands. Some sowed in other cover crops, some preferred a little addtional grasses, and all were curious about the introduction of Roundup Ready Alfalfa to the mix. Curiosity is probably going to be spreading considerably now that the product is available at market.

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