Growers Look to Pacific Ag for Biomass Baling

Joanna Schroeder

Last week Abengoa’s cellulosic ethanol biorefinery went online and is expected to produce 25 million gallons of advanced ethanol per year as well as 21 MW of bioenergy. But how exactly does the corn and wheat residue get from the fields to the biorefinery in a economical and efficient way? Enter Pacific Ag. The company was founded by Bill Levy …

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Reduced Lignin Trait HarvXtra™ Alfalfa

Jamie Johansen

In an effort to bring the industry’s first quality-enhancing trait to market, Forage Genetics International (FGI) announces that the reduced lignin trait will be known as HarvXtra™ alfalfa. This breakthrough technology is designed to ease the “yield-versus-quality” trade-off currently faced by alfalfa producers by improving forage quality over a longer period. This provides growers with greater flexibility and a wider …

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North Missouri Dairy Day Scheduled for March 10

Jamie Johansen

Milk producers across Missouri can hear updates on dairy law in the new farm bill—and a milk price outlook, Monday, March 10 at the North Missouri Dairy Day. University Of Missouri Extension economist, Joe Horner, will present at the program which begins at 9:30am at Barton Campus of North Central Missouri College in Trenton, MO. Also on the program is …

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Growers Benefit from New Approach to Finding Silage Info

Jamie Johansen

Forage growers who are looking for online management information now have an intelligent alternative to a catchall Internet search. The Silage Zone a resource from is newly redesigned and organized based on forage growers’ seasonal activities of planting, growing, harvesting, storing and feeding. “This new approach displays decades of experience from forage experts in a more user-friendly, focused format,” …

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Alfalfa Conference Focused on Forage Technology

Jamie Johansen

The Mid-America Alfalfa Expo & Conference has announced it’s program for the 2014 event will be focused on forage technology. The event is sponsored by the Nebraska Alfalfa Marketing Association (N.A.M.A.) and will be lead at the Buffalo County Fairgrounds in Kearney, NE February 4-5, 2014. The educational event is designed for alfalfa producers , livestock/dairy producers and others who …

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Mid-America Alfalfa Expo & Conference

Melissa Sandfort

The Mid-America Alfalfa Expo & Conference has announced its program for the 2013 event, which features a special presentation of the Alfalfa Intensive Training Seminar, an industry trade show and tremendous fundraising auction. Sponsored by the Nebraska Alfalfa Marketing Association (N.A.M.A.), the Mid-America Alfalfa Expo & Conference will be held at the Buffalo County Fairgrounds in Kearney, Neb., Feb. 5-6, …

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New Pioneer Alfalfa Products Available for Western Regions

Melissa Sandfort

Two new versatile alfalfa varieties from DuPont Pioneer, bred to thrive in high-stress environments or high-yielding irrigated production areas, will be available in western states for 2013. Tested extensively by Pioneer researchers in university trials and on farms, Pioneer® brand alfalfa varieties 55Q27 and 55VR05 have been selected for disease resistance, adaptability to different cutting systems, winter weathering abilities, versatility …

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Forage Forum on Managing Drying Cycle for Alfalfa

Cindy Zimmerman

Pioneer Hi-Bred‘s Forage Forum is back and our first podcast topic explores how to manage your drying cycle for alfalfa. Dan Wiersma is Pioneer Livestock Information Manger for the northern business unit, which covers Wisconsin, Minnesota, North and South Dakota – regions that represent a good percentage of the cows and alfalfa acres in the United States. Listen to what …

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Alfalfa Evaluation Tool to Debut at Upcoming Expo

Cindy Zimmerman

The Nebraska Alfalfa Marketing Association (NAMA) will launch an online alfalfa evaluation tool at the upcoming Mid-America Alfalfa Expo & Conference, to be held at the Buffalo County Fairgrounds in Kearney, Nebraska, February 7 and 8. “The evaluation tool allows users to calculate a sound value of their alfalfa based on a nutrient comparable basis or a market comparable basis,” …

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Will Algae Meal Be the Next Big Dairy Cattle Feed?

Joanna Schroeder

Demand for animal feed is on the rise worldwide and dairy cattle is no exception. But where will all the feed come from? One emerging option is algae meal, a product or co-product from algal biofuels production. To study algae meal as feed for dairy cattle, University of Minnesota recently completed a feed-trial of PetroAlgae‘s micro-crop meal to determine how …

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