Coppens International Unveils Aquatic Feed Innovations

Lizzy Schultz

Coppens International, an Alltech company and leading international aquatic feed solutions provider, has announced a wide range of projects that have emerged from their partnership with Alltech in 2016, including the introduction of several new algae products containing innovative Alltech technologies. The two companies have added the following Alltech aquaculture technologies to the Coppens International aquatic feed range with hopes …

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DHA-enriched Pork, Milk & Eggs Hit Canadian Market

Jamie Johansen

Algae nutritional products from Alltech are now registered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) for use in the diets of pigs, dairy cows and laying hens. Canadian dairy, swine and layer producers will be able to market their DHA-enriched products as value-added functional foods, meeting consumer demand for nutrient-rich foods and beverages. “Consumers are becoming increasingly nutrition-focused, seeking out …

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New Study Says Algae-based Feed Could Reduce CO2

Jamie Johansen

The Algae Biomass Organization shares new peer-reviewed study, published in the Carbon Balance and Management. The analysis has shown that widespread use of algae in animal feed could help limit the rise in global temperature to 2 degrees Celsius by 2100 and possibly even turn back the clock, bringing atmospheric carbon concentrations down to preindustrial levels by the end of …

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Research Finds Algae Feed for Cattle Health Benefits

Joanna Schroeder

Research from Kansas State University has found that grass-fed cattle given a diet that includes algae-based feed or flaxseed rations produces ground beef that contains at least 200 mg per 5 ounce serving of omega-3s up from only 20-30 mg from just eating grass. The hope is that health-conscious consumers may be enticed to eat more beef if it was …

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Algae – Alltech's Answer to Fish Oil Shortage

Jamie Johansen

It is hard to find a more diverse company than Alltech. At their recent REBELation, breakout sessions covered topics from digital media to aquaculture. Headlining discussion on algae was, Becky Timmons, Director for Applications Research and Quality Assurance for Alltech Algae. She started with Alltech 30 years ago and also has a very diversified background. She has been everything from …

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