Keeping Mycotoxin Threats in Mind This Harvest

Lizzy Schultz

As the U.S. prepares for a record corn and wheat harvest this season, Alltech mycotoxin expert Dr. Max Hawkins has a warning: Quantity should not distract producers from being vigilant regarding quality and the potential for mycotoxin risk. Hawkins recently noted that the wet weather experienced across the northern Great Plains during the spring wheat harvest led to increased crop …

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Alltech, KEENAN, Haier Bring Prosperity to China

Jamie Johansen

Alltech, KEENAN and Haier Financial Services signed a memorandum that aims to build a healthy agricultural ecosystem in China. The landmark partnership aims to redefine how farming is done in China, addressing key industry challenges while also creating an opportunity for farms to innovate in China. The three parties intend to establish a long-term strategic alliance and cooperation in the …

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Poultry Addresses Challenges of Antibiotic-Free Production

Jamie Johansen

The consumer-driven issue of traditional and antibiotic-free is having a “snowball” effect on the industry and was a hot topic during the Challenges with Antibiotic-Free Poultry Production sponsored by Alltech at the 105th Poultry Science Association (PSA) meeting in New Orleans last week. “Alltech’s latest review shows that there is legislation or planned legislation being implemented on the use of …

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Alltech showcases latest cattle research at 2016 JAM

Lizzy Schultz

At the Joint Annual Meeting (JAM) in Salt Lake City, Utah, July 19–23, Alltech will feature five oral abstracts and five poster presentations highlighting the most recent ruminant research. “This year’s research shines a light on the exploration we are uncovering through academia partnership as well as through real-time on-farm data collected by our key acquisitions,” said Dr. Karl Dawson, …

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Alltech Hosting Webinar on Heat Stroke

Lizzy Schultz

As the summer continues to heat up, the minds behind Alltech are hosting a webinar on heat stress next week. Join Dr. Carlo Angelo Sgoifo Rossi, of the University of Milan, for a discussion on strategies to minimize the effects of heat stress and practical solutions to implement on your beef farm. The webinar will focus on understanding how to …

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Alltech Talks ABF Challenges in Poultry

Jamie Johansen

Alltech is sponsoring a symposium on “Challenges with Antibiotic-Free Poultry Production” at the 2016 Poultry Science Association Annual Meeting Tuesday, July 12, 2016 from 1-5pm at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside. Presentations include: – Physiology of Gut Health & the Road to ABF: Dr. Peter Ferket, North Carolina State University. – Antibiotic Resistance Development: Dr. Randy Singer, University of Minnesota. …

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Learn to Maximize Forage Power at Alltech Webinar

Jamie Johansen

Join Dr. Dave Davies, director of Silage Solutions Ltd., United Kingdom, for a Alltech webinar on maximizing your forage power on farm with practical solutions for success on Thursday, June 30, 2016 at 11 am ET. Davies grew up on a Welsh farm and spent several years studying agriculture and grasslands. Beginning in 2007, he led the silage research portfolio …

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Heat Stress Prevention Tips from Alltech

Lizzy Schultz

Stress also has major implications on the overall health of production animals, with negative implications for both producer and consumer, and the approaching summer heat is always cause for pork producers to worry about the additional challenges their animals may face due to heat stress. “Respiratory rates begin to increase around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and with high humidity, it becomes …

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Alltech Acquires, Aquatic Feed Co., Coppens International

Jamie Johansen

Alltech has acquired Coppens International, a leading international aquatic feed solutions company in the Netherlands. Coppens International is now part of the Alltech family of companies, which includes 14 other companies that Alltech has acquired globally since 2011. For almost 24 years, Coppens International has earned a strong reputation for being an innovative, high-quality aquatic feed producer. The company’s specialties …

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Alltech Acquires Ranch-Way Feeds

Jamie Johansen

Alltech, through Hubbard Feeds, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ridley USA Inc., has acquired Ranch-Way Feeds, a leading animal nutrition company that has done business in the Western United States for more than 60 years. Ranch-Way Feeds employs more than 50 people, producing over 50,000 tons of feed annually. The company markets its animal nutrition products and programs through an extensive …

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