Meeting with Dr. Lyons

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Dr. Pearse Lyons and Dr. Mark Lyons took the stage this morning at the Alltech Global Dairy & Beef Conference. I had the opportunity to speak with both of them together during a break. Dr. Pearse Lyons says they used to call this the Global 500 but attendance has continued to grow beyond that number. There are dairy farmers here …

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Getting Started with Alltech in France

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The Alltech Global Dairy & Beef Conference got underway with a very tasty reception at the Centre International Deauville. Dr. Pearse Lyons welcomed us to France and then introduced some world class music. The food here in Deauville is awesome. We had some great hamburgers at the reception. I am sure it was some local Normandy beef! But that was …

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Ready for Alltech Global Dairy & Beef

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Hello from Paris AgWired fans. I just arrived and am waiting on a shuttle to the Alltech Global Dairy & Beef in Deauville, France. This year’s event kicks off with a reception this evening (after I have a nap!). In addition to attending this event I will also be spending a day at the 2014 Normandy Alltech FEI World Equestrian …

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Going to Alltech Global Beef & Dairy

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In just a few weeks I’ll be on the agriblogging highway to France prior to the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists Congress in Scotland. Thank you Alltech for bringing me to the Normandy region for their annual Global Dairy and Beef Conference and the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games. During the recent Ag Media Summit I visited with Alltech’s Ann …

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Alltech Humanitarian Award to Lopez Lomong

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The Alltech Humanitarian Award was presented this morning to Lopez Lomong, a South Sudanese-born American track and field athlete. Dr. Pearse Lyons presented the award at “What If?” the 30th Annual Alltech International Symposium in Lexington, Kentucky, USA, from May 18-21. One of the Lost Boys of Sudan, Lomong was separated from his family at age six when he was …

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Dr. Norman Borlaug Receives Alltech Medal of Excellence

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Julie Borlaug Larson, granddaughter to Dr. Norman Borlaug, was on stage this morning to accept a posthumous Alltech Medal of Excellence award for the “Father of the Green Revolution.” The award was presented by Aidan Connolly, Alltech. “Through his adaptation of new wheat technologies and improved crop management practices, Dr. Borlaug saved more than a billion people worldwide from starvation,” …

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Alltech Feed Survey Reports Slight Increase

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Results from the 2014 Global Feed Tonnage Survey released by Alltech revealed a one percent increase in feed production, with global feed tonnage reporting in at 963 million metric tons, up from 954 million metric tons last year. Alltech assessed the compound feed production of 130 countries in Dec. 2013 through information obtained in partnership with local feed associations and …

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Nominate a Dairy Hero

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Launched at Alltech’s Global 500 in December, the Dairy Heroes program will recognize dairy farmers who go above and beyond the call of duty. The campaign features a Facebook page where members of the dairy community can nominate their ‘Dairy Heroes.’ In addition, there is also a Dairy Heroes website that features content such as herd health issues and solutions, …


Alltech International Symposium

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The Alltech International Symposium was held this week, May 20-22, in Lexington, Kentucky. It offered industry members an opportunity to think about the future of agriculture. The theme of the symposium was glimpse. This week we heard several glimpses of the future. The big one here at the Alltech International Symposium was given by Dr. Pearse Lyons, Founder, Alltech. As …

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Boland Joins Alltech

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Congratulations to Professor Maurice Boland, the newest member of Alltech’s European team, based out of Dunboyne, Co. Meath, Ireland. Boland will join Alltech as a research director, having spent the previous 40 years as a faculty member at University College Dublin (UCD) School of Agriculture. Before joining Alltech, Boland held the position of head of the department of animal science …