Summarizing Global Dairy Breakout Discussions

Chuck Zimmerman

The afternoon breakout sessions at the Global Dairy 500 Conference are summarized immediately in a group setting and the session is led by Dr. Pearse Lyons, President of Alltech. Here is one of the participants stating what his discussion table talked about. We get a break after this session until a series of discussion dinners this evening which I’ll be …

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Topics Facing Dairy Farmers

Chuck Zimmerman

It’s always good to hear what other dairy farmers have to say. In this video clip you can hear several of the farmers attending the Global Dairy 500 Conference talk about their industry and the challenges facing it. Topics include the economy, overproduction of milk, silage quality, and people management. This is another of the videos you’ll find in the …

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Breakout Discussions Open International Communication

Chuck Zimmerman

After the morning sessions and lunch the Global Dairy 500 participants sit at discussion tables. These breakout sessions are very lively and interactive and on many different topics. I followed along with one led by Brent Lawrence, Alltech. Brent handles the southeast territory of Florida and Georgia. At his table were dairy farmers from the USA, Germany, Korea and the …

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Tips For Making Feed Choices More Efficient

Chuck Zimmerman

To tell dairy farmers attending the Global Dairy 500 Conference what to “leave in and what to take out” was Mike Hutjens, University of Illinois. Mike is very passionate about the diary business and so enthusiastic that our translators had to get him to slow down so they could translate for our international audience. Hutjens addressed feed questions and says …

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More Efficiency In Dairy Production

Chuck Zimmerman

Providing the first remarks on the program for the Global Dairy 500 Conference was Dr. Pearse Lyons, founder and President, Alltech. The theme of his opening remarks was to answer the question, “Is there a future for dairy in these turbulent times?” Dr. Lyons addressed the real challenges in the dairy business internationally. The Conference has attendees from all over …

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Global Dairy 500 Underway

Chuck Zimmerman

The Global Dairy 500 Conference is underway here in Lexington, KY. To get you started watch this video clip prepared to set the stage for the conversation over the next couple days. Remember to follow along with Allie on the Alltech Tweets Twitter account. World Dairy Diary coverage of the Global Dairy 500 Conference is sponsored by .

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