Meeting People From Around The World With Alltech

Chuck Zimmerman

I think the comment I’ve heard most often at the Alltech Global 500 is how important and rewarding the interaction with other dairy and beef producers from around the world is. We’ve got 29 countries represented here. One of our international visitors that I met today was George Strang, Scotland. George is a dairy farmer with 250 cows and it’s …

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Looking At The Future For Dairy

Chuck Zimmerman

A forward looking panel of experts spoke to the Alltech Global 500 today. Their topic, “Forecast 2025: A vision for the future.” Now that’s not an easy task! I spoke with one of the panelists, Mandi McLeod, Dunvegan Farms, Ltd, New Zealand. Mandi says the future is about doing what you do well and focusing on the resources you have, …

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Working With Your Local Community

Chuck Zimmerman

The first dairy breakout session at the Alltech Global 500 focused on “Value Added Dairying: The Future of Sustainability.” Our presenter was Jim Ostrom, Rosendale Dairy, USA. I missed the opportunity to interview Jim but spoke with session moderator, Steve Elliott, Alltech. Steve is the global director for the company’s organic minerals division. He says that Jim addressed sustainability in …

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Social Media Important To Dairy Farmers

Chuck Zimmerman

Let’s just say that social media has been very, very good to ZimmComm New Media, publishers of World Dairy Diary. It is also the hottest topic in agricultural communications of the last year. At the Alltech Global 500 it was also a key topic during our morning general session. I joined Alltech’s, Billy Frey, on stage to present what social …

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Alltech Celebrates Decades of Innovation

Chuck Zimmerman

Dr. Karl Dawson, Alltech, says he’s got the greatest job in the world since he heads up research for the company. That research, which now includes, nutrigenomics, is finding ways to improve animal and human health through nutrition. It’s fascinating to hear him discuss not only how the company is finding that its products improve animal health but from that …

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Alltech Global 500 Underway

Chuck Zimmerman

The Alltech Global 500 is underway at the Lexington Convention Center. Welcoming us was Geoff Frank (pictured) once again. I caught up to Geoff after our morning session. He is Managing Director for Improcrop, a division of Alltech. They have over 20 products to deal with a range of crop and foliar applications. Geoff says this is the 3rd year …

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Alltech Kicks Off Global 500

Chuck Zimmerman

We’ve known it as the Alltech Global Dairy 500 and this year they’ve added Beef! Now that just makes sense. So, we’ll just call it the Alltech Global 500 to make it simple. We kicked off this fall’s conference with a Kentucky Ale reception this evening and things get into high gear tomorrow with a general session on which I’ll …

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