Alltech To Showcase Technologies at EuroTier

Lizzy Schultz

Profitability and efficiency are the key to success as farmers continue to navigate a sinking commodities market, and Alltech is here to help: The company will showcase its latest research and innovative technologies to help farmers become more profitable at EuroTier, held Nov. 15–18, 2016, in Hanover, Germany. Alltech will highlight their latest innovative technologies and scientifically proven programs, each …

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KEENAN Grows Stronger After Joining the Alltech Family

Jamie Johansen

Six months ago, Alltech welcomed KEENAN to its global family. Since then, KEENAN has witnessed continued growth and strength thanks to Alltech’s global footprint and family of companies. During the past few months, KEENAN has worked alongside Alltech colleagues around the globe, hosting meetings, developing KEENAN Clubs in which customers gather to share knowledge and experience, building strong relationships and …

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Improving Feed Efficiency With Keenan inTouch

Lizzy Schultz

Ensuring proper and consistent nutrition is one of the most important factors in successful dairy production, and producers are continuing to seek out new ways to utilize advanced technologies that can help improve the feed efficiencies of their herds. The team at Keenan Systems was on-site during World Dairy Expo to talk about Keenan inTouch, their latest technology that is …

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Blackhead Disease Control Webinar from Alltech

Jamie Johansen

Alltech will host a webinar on Blackhead disease control throughout the poultry industry November 7 at 2:3- EST. Dr. Dennis Wages, professor of poultry health management at North Carolina State University will discuss how histomoniasis is impacting the poultry community in the United States. Key points: – Gain a better understanding of how blackhead disease affects poultry. – Understand the …

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Alltech’s Research Guides Producers Into VFD

Jamie Johansen

The Veterinarian Feed Directive (VFD) is no longer a new term used in the animal ag world, in part because companies like Alltech have stepped up to help educate their customers on the guidelines which will take affect January 1, 2017. During the World Dairy Expo I spoke with Dr. Amanda Gehman, a research project manager who focuses on applied …

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Mycotoxin Forecast from Alltech

Jamie Johansen

Dr. Max Hawkins, Alltech nutritionist, is the one behind the scenes making sense of all the numbers and values collected from samples and creating the mycotoxin risk assessments. These assessments are sent out to the Alltech sales force and customer ensuring they get the most information back from a sample as possible. The World Dairy Expo was a perfect venue …

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Alltech Webinar – The VFD: What it means to me

Jamie Johansen

Join Alltech for a live webinar with Dr. Darrell Johnson, Director of Regulatory Services, University of Kentucky on September 29th at 2:30 pm EST. Topic up for discussion is “Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD): What it means to me.” Key points which will be covered include: – What it means – Gain a better understanding of what exactly the veterinary feed …

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Keeping Mycotoxin Threats in Mind This Harvest

Lizzy Schultz

As the U.S. prepares for a record corn and wheat harvest this season, Alltech mycotoxin expert Dr. Max Hawkins has a warning: Quantity should not distract producers from being vigilant regarding quality and the potential for mycotoxin risk. Hawkins recently noted that the wet weather experienced across the northern Great Plains during the spring wheat harvest led to increased crop …

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Alltech, KEENAN, Haier Bring Prosperity to China

Jamie Johansen

Alltech, KEENAN and Haier Financial Services signed a memorandum that aims to build a healthy agricultural ecosystem in China. The landmark partnership aims to redefine how farming is done in China, addressing key industry challenges while also creating an opportunity for farms to innovate in China. The three parties intend to establish a long-term strategic alliance and cooperation in the …

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Poultry Addresses Challenges of Antibiotic-Free Production

Jamie Johansen

The consumer-driven issue of traditional and antibiotic-free is having a “snowball” effect on the industry and was a hot topic during the Challenges with Antibiotic-Free Poultry Production sponsored by Alltech at the 105th Poultry Science Association (PSA) meeting in New Orleans last week. “Alltech’s latest review shows that there is legislation or planned legislation being implemented on the use of …

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