Bayer Releases Antibiotic-free BRD Treatment

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Bayer Healthcare has formally launched a product that will be very exciting for dairy producers across the country: the product is Zelnate, the latest non-antibiotic innovation to help treat Bovine Respiratory Disease(BRD) due to Mannheimia haemolytica. The DNA Immunostimulant is not a vaccine or an antibiotic, though it will work well as a supplement to those products. Zelnate is the …

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EFSA Risk Profile on Insect Protein

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The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is addressing the growing interest in the potential benefits of using insects in food and animal feed. But many are wondering the risks from production, processing and consumption of this alternative source of protein. EFSA has put together a risk profile that identifies the potential biological and chemical hazards as well as allergenicity and …

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Ceva Focuses on Vaccine Development

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The Ceva Animal Health Scientific Services Investigative Unit (SSIU) could be called the CSI of the animal health world because they operate the same way – scientifically solving mysteries and getting the bad guys. “We are a connection between our R&D group and our customer and through that connection we solve problems for our customer,” said Ceva Scientific Services Director …

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Alltech Mycotoxin Roadshow at Dairy Expo

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For Alltech the 2015 World Dairy Expo was more than simply the expo, it was an opportunity to set down with producers and educate them on a very specific subject and that was mycotoxins. Alltech Mycotoxin Roadshow featured speakers were Dr. Johanna Fink-Gremmels, Utrecht University, and Dr. Max Hawkins, Alltech Mycotoxin Management team nutritionist. Fink-Gremmels took an in-depth look at …

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Ceva Continues Facility Expansion

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The root of Ceva Animal Health USA lies in Biomune, the vaccine manufacturing company in Lenexa, Kansas it acquired in 2005. “When we originally purchased Ceva Biomune we had a vision for where this (company) could go,” said Daryl Pint, Ceva Biomune CEO, during a tour of the facilities for swine industry media. “Ceva has purchased 27 companies over the …

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Chief Veterinarian Addresses Antimicrobial Data

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Kathy Simmons, DVM, Chief Veterinarian, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, addressed a joint public meeting of the Food and Drug Administration, United States Department of Agriculture, and Center for Disease Control highlighting antimicrobial use and resistance data collection. “NCBA believes that a clear strategy for data collection, analysis and reporting must first be established before moving forward with the data collection process in order …

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Vetericyn Pinkeye Spray Requires No Withdrawal

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Results from a study on Vetericyn Plus™ Pinkeye Spray recently completed by Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine shows a significant reduction in both pain scores and lesion size, and finds no need to require a withdrawal period from the product for lactating cows. The Auburn University study found that dairy calves treated with Vetericyn Plus™ Pinkeye Spray had an …

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Ceva Animal Health is Growing

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Ceva Animal Health is set on becoming a major player in the swine industry within the next five years. The global company was just created in 2000 in France, and the North American operations started in only 2005, but already Ceva has experienced a five fold growth increase. Craig Wallace, Ceva CEO and North American Zone Director, says growth in …

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Chubby Chipotle Campaign Exposes “Burrito Disguise”

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A full-page ad ran in the New York Post last week highlighting the Center for Consumer Freedom‘s Chubby Chipotle campaign.  The ad exposes Chipotle’s “healthy” burritos as 1,500 calorie meals.  The ad also points out that in addition to their Burrito Disguise, Chipotle is also facing a class-action lawsuit for alleged violation of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. “Chipotle …

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The Prevention vs. Treatment Game

Jamie Johansen

Evaluating the performance of a pig is a key element in good health management. Enteric Technical Manager for Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedia, Inc. (BIVI), Jessica Seate, said the best thing a producer can do is become an investigator. Finding a diagnosis with your vet before you make changes to your protocol should be the first thing producers do. I sat down …

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