Zoetis Offers Personnel Manager Team Scan

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Healthy livestock depend on a healthy team of people to take care of them. That’s why Zoetis is offering a new service from PeopleFirst, Team Scan. “Listening to your team and understanding their perspectives about the business offers one of the best opportunities for business improvements,” said Brett Bristol, business solutions manager for PeopleFirst at Zoetis. “A highly productive team …

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Purina Offers Tips for Calves During Temperature Swings

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Chilly mornings to hot afternoons can put some real stress on new calves. Purina is offering some advice for producers to lower those stress levels and ensure their calves perform at their maximum potential. “When weather conditions are rapidly changing it can wreak havoc on young calves that crave consistency,” says Christie Underwood, Ph.D., calf and heifer specialist with Purina …

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Regional Swine Health Symposium

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The Missouri Pork Association and University of Missouri Extension will host a Swine Health Symposium on July 20 at the University of Missouri Bradford Research Center. The symposium, which took the place of the MPA Swine Veterinarian Seminar, provides information for veterinarians and pork producers on issues facing the swine industry. The event begins at 8:30 a.m. and continues until …

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New At the Meeting Swine Health Series on PEDv

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The latest At The Meeting (ATM) with the Morrison Group audio program provides an update on developments in porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv) cases reported this spring, effective control steps and immunology in the last year. The ATM program on PEDv features disease, research and practical swine health information from leading veterinary experts that swine veterinarians and producers can use …

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Recent Bird Flu Epidemic Calls for Increased Biosecurity

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Dan Shaw, a professor in the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine and a specialist in poultry disease, says outbreaks of high path avian influenza point to the need for more awareness and enhanced practice of biosecurity at poultry farms around the country. The University of Missouri New Bureau sent out the below release to provide an experts opinion …

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Pinkeye Management Tips from AgriLabs

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AgriLabs® offers management tips to minimize the impact of pinkeye and face flies during these hot summer months. “Once pinkeye begins to spread through a herd, it’s very hard to contain and control,” said Dr. Roger Winter, technical services veterinarian, AgriLabs. “That’s why preparing in advance for pinkeye is the best plan for a healthier herd and better weight gains …

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OIE Approves Registration of BOVIGAM TB Kit

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The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) approved the registration of the BOVIGAMTM TB Kit from Thermo Fisher Scientific in the OIE Manual of Diagnostic Tests and Vaccines for Terrestrial Animals 2015. BOVIGAMTM is the only bovine tuberculosis (bTB), Interferon-γ in vitro assay that is OIE-registered and is validated for use in cattle, goat, buffalo and sheep. “The OIE registration …

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WATTAgNet to Host Avian Flu Twitter Chat

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Details on high path avian influenza come on a daily basis. The folks at WATTAgNet want to help share updates on the disease and how it is affecting the US and North American poultry industry. Tune into @WATTPoultry during WATT Global Media’s first-ever Animal Agriculture Twitter Chat on Wednesday, July 1, at 9 a.m. CT. Egg Industry Editor, Terrence O’Keefe, …

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Cargill Opens New Animal Nutrition Tech Center

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Cargill has established a new Technology Application Center (TAC) in Bazhou, Hebei, China to help customers leverage and apply the best possible feed technologies to help them grow their businesses and wisely use resources in order to meet the growing demand for protein. “The Cargill Animal Nutrition R&D and applications teams work every day to bring our customers the best …

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Vetericyn® College Scholarship Award Winners

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Innovacyn announced the recipients of the company’s annual Vetericyn® Future Innovators of Agriculture College Scholarship Award. The scholarship was open to any high school senior who exhibits a passionate commitment to the agriculture industry through academic and leadership positions. This year’s winners, Alexis Pedrow from Anderson County Jr/Sr High School in Garnett, Kansas and Brendan Register from T. Dewitt Taylor …

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