New Option for Vaccinating Against Pneumonia

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Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc. shares new option for vaccinating against pneumonia caused by M. haemolytica with no significant milk drop. Pneumonia has always been a concern for dairy producers and Mannheimia haemolytica (M. haemolytica, formerly called Pasteurella haemolytica) is the most common cause of bacterial pneumonia in cattle. Exposure to respiratory viruses, coupled with reduced immunity caused by overcrowding, new …

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U.S. Poultry Industry Statement on Avian Flu

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In light of the recent detections of avian influenza (AI) in the United States, the U.S. poultry industry would like to assure the public that detailed response plans are in place for controlling the spread of the virus and for eliminating the virus entirely. The U.S. government and poultry industries have sophisticated systems and techniques to detect the introduction of …

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Zoetis Industry Support Program

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Returning for its seventh year, Zoetis partners with its veterinarian and dealer customers to support agricultural and veterinary students around the country through its Industry Support Program. Through April 30, 2015, a portion of funds from eligible purchases of cattle and equine products from Zoetis will be directed to local FFA chapters and/or veterinary student scholarships through the American Association …

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Angus Aids Producers in Traceability Compliance

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A final phase of the national animal disease traceability rules will take effect this week, and with it, a change in the type of identification methods meeting the requirements. Starting March 11, all official ear tags noted under the animal disease traceability requirements must be tamper-evident, approved by USDA, contain an official animal ID numbering system and an official ear-tag …

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Pig Farmer of the Year Award

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Outstanding pork producers have one thing in common: they cultivate customer trust every step of the way. The Pork Checkoff’s new America’s Pig Farmer of the Year award program will honor the U.S. pork producer who best excels at raising pigs using the We Care ethical principles and wants to share this with consumers. “The public is the main audience, …

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Biosecurity Education After More Avian Flu Outbreaks

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The outbreaks of avian flu have swept to the Midwest. Last week it was found in Minnesota and earlier in Washington and Oregon. Over the weekend the Missouri Department of Agriculture announced the virus was confirmed in turkeys at a grower facility in Missouri and preliminary tests came back positive at another facility in the state. With the recent avian …

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Register for A Challenge for Tomorrow Seminar by Zoetis

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Registration is open for A Challenge for Tomorrow, a seminar offered at no charge by Zoetis. This special discussion about the future of food is taking place as a breakfast session during the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) Midwest Section meeting. The session will start at 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday, March 18, 2015, at the Community Choice Credit Union …

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Vet Training, Education & Leadership

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A look into veterinary training, education and leadership development was another topic discussed at the recent Boehringer Ingelheim Swine Health Seminar held in Orlando, FL. Dr. Jim Lowe, Lowe Consulting, headlined that conversation as he shared insights into making the animal health profession stronger for the future. “I really need to credit my co-authors on this, Dr. Aldridge and Dr. …

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Doing What is Right for the Pig

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Animal welfare continues to be at the forefront of discussion throughout the swine community. And Dr. Angela Baysinger’s talk at Boehringer Ingleheim’s Swine Health Seminar hit on just that. Pig welfare and doing what is right for the pig centered discussion on crates and pain mitigation in castration and tail docking. I had a chance to speak with Dr. Baysinger …

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U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef Formed

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A group of U.S. beef value chain participants including producers, processors, retailers, foodservice operators, packers, allied industry and non-governmental organizations announced the launch of the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (USRSB). The multi-stakeholder roundtable will identify sustainability indicators, establish verification methodologies, and generate field project data to test and confirm sustainability concepts for use throughout the United States. The USRSB …

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