DMI Announces Partnerships for Fluid Milk Innovation

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Dairy Management Inc. (DMI) today announced seven new partnerships to “ignite fluid milk innovation.” According to DMI, the objective of the partnerships is to meet the growing demands of both foreign and U.S. consumers. The seven partners, supported by DMI which represents America’s dairy farm families and importers, are “committing an unprecedented investment to unlock innovation and put milk back …

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Growers Look to Pacific Ag for Biomass Baling

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Last week Abengoa’s cellulosic ethanol biorefinery went online and is expected to produce 25 million gallons of advanced ethanol per year as well as 21 MW of bioenergy. But how exactly does the corn and wheat residue get from the fields to the biorefinery in a economical and efficient way? Enter Pacific Ag. The company was founded by Bill Levy …

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Why Not Add Beets to Your Cow Ration

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For the first time, Feed Beets took advantage of the World Dairy Expo and shared with producers the opportunities with adding beets into their cattle rations. Lisa Butzer, marketing manager for Feed Beets, explained the nutritional elements to feeding beets and it’s benefits to beef and dairy operations. “What we are finding through nutritional surveys and testing is that as …

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Digi-Star’s Rich History of Weight Sensors

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Digi-Star took home a 2014 Innovation Award at the World Dairy Expo for their moisture tracker. They also hosted a media event during the show and that is where I met up with Mac Moore, president and CEO of Digi-Star, who spoke with me about the honor and what the company has in store for producers across the country. “Digi-Star …

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Cheese, Cheese & More Cheese

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A gourmet breakfast was prepared for us during the media talk event at the 2014 World Dairy Expo by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board’s executive chef, John Esser. The meal was of course full Wisconsin cheeses. Chef Esser also prepared an omelet full of morel and leek jack cheese and a pancake packed with foenegreek gouda cheese and bacon. Another …

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Congrats to Dairyman & Dairy Woman of the Year

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Two other honors were awarded during the 2014 World Dairy Expo. Pam Bolin, was named the Dairy Woman of the Year, and I caught up with her during last week’s event. Pam lives in Clarksville, IA with her family on Beaver Creek Farm. With all smiles, she shared that her two grandkids are the sixth generation on the to Bolin …

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Dairy Leaders Recognized at World Dairy Expo

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Lowell Lindsay was honored at last week’s World Dairy Expo as International Person of the Year. Lowell worked in the AI business for 53 years and calls Canada home. He started out as an AI technician and then became a sire analyst when joining the Semex family. He traveled extensively purchasing dairy bulls for Semex Alliance and now has retired …

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NCBA Voices Concerns About Beef Checkoff Plans

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Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack met earlier this week with the Beef Checkoff working group and reportedly told them he’s planning on implementing a new checkoff program for the industry by January 2016. The action would be taken under the 1996 Commodity Promotion, Research and Information Act, also called the “generic checkoff act,” and would be separate from and in addition …

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World Dairy Expo in Full Swing

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Over 3,000 head of dairy cattle were pre-entered for this year’s World Dairy Expo. No official count on the total of head actually exhibited, but the New Holland Pavilions are packed full of dairy cattle of all ages. I spoke with Scott Bentley, General Manager for World Dairy Expo, following the ribbon cutting ceremony and he said the cattle were …

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