Large Animal Veterinarians in Iraq

Chuck Zimmerman

I have received an audio report from Iraq that you might find interesting. The email I received says it’s from Paul McKellips who’s on assignment with the Department of State at the U.S. Embassy in Iraq. The report: focuses on a US military team of large animal veterinarians who are training their Iraqi counterparts to improve and enhance livestock health in Iraq. Iraqi vets have already had a successful battle against H5N1 (avian influenza) and are making great strides against the country’s other serious diseases, including foot and mouth disease (FMD). American expertise and taxpayer dollars are having a positive impact on Iraq’s agricultural future.

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What to Demand from Data

Chuck Zimmerman

Experts agree on the basics for believability in corn silage plot data. Dr. Bill Mahanna, coordinator of global nutritional services for Pioneer Hi-Bred, details credibility thresholds for confidence in that data. He also clarifies the seven most relevant categories of silage corn data, including which ones he believes are most revealing for comparison of genetics. Supported by university studies, Bill …

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A Seasonal Grazing Dairy Interview

Andy Vance

While broadcasting from the National Farmers Union Farm Bill Listening Session in Columbus, Ohio, I was intrigued by the farm story of one of the panelists discussing the dairy components of the farm bill. Stacy Hall, along with her husband, operate a seasonal dairy in Southeastern Ohio that relies totally on grazing to feed their cows. We had a fascinating conversation about the concept of milking cows from March through Thanksgiving, taking off for the Caribbean for the holidays, and then coming back and starting all over again. I also learned how the EQIP program has helped the farm install important heavy-traffic lanes that the cows use to get back and forth from the parlor to the paddock. I think you’ll enjoy the conversation.

Stacy Hall talks seasonal grazing Hall Seasonal Grazing Interview (7:45, mp3)

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Raising the Bar Enhances Corn Silage

Chuck Zimmerman

Improved fiber digestibility can be a major benefit of chopping corn silage higher, according to Dr. Bill Mahanna, coordinator of global nutritional sciences for Pioneer Hi-Bred. While raising the cutting bar reduces tonnage, Bill points out the nutritional gains can be substantially rewarding. Specific adjustments should be determined case-by-case, and he suggests what factors should drive those decisions. He also …

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