Learning More About The Dairy Checkoff

Chuck Zimmerman

I don’t know about you but I’ve always been a little confused about how the different dairy checkoff and promotion groups relate to each other. To help explain that I spoke with Tom Gallagher, CEO of Dairy Management, Inc. (DMI). Tom spoke at the joint beef/dairy issues forum held here at the Cattle Industry Summer Conference. He starts out explaining …

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Dr. Gary Smith Says it Like it Is

Chuck Zimmerman

You don’t ever have to wonder how Dr. Gary Smith (Colorado State Universtiy) really feels. He’ll just plain tell you in his presentations. Yesterday he was the speaker at the Dairy Producers Education Forum lunch here at the Cattle Industry Summer Conference. This session is put on by the Cattlemen’s Beef Board. It was the biggest attendance yet for this …

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Dairy and Beef Working Together

Chuck Zimmerman

To get a dairy producers’ perspective on the collaboration between the beef and diary checkoffs here at the Cattle Industry Summer Conference I met Kimberly Clauss pictured on the right here with Joe Bavido, DMI. I want to thank Joe for introducing me to Kimberly. Kimberly is a dairy producer from California who currently serves as Vice Chairman of the …

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Igenity For DNA Profiling at Weaning

Chuck Zimmerman

I’m working out of a nice media room here at the Cattle Industry Summer Conference. It’s being sponsored by Merial. Pictured here are Kevin DeHaan, director of technical services, Igenity, a division of Merial, and Wendy Mayo, Bader Rutter. I talked with Kevin about Igenity and what it can do for cattle producers, both beef and dairy. He says that …

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Beef Board Meeting Overview

Chuck Zimmerman

The executive committee of the Beef Board is already at work here in Denver. They get together to make sure everything is in order before everyone else arrives at the Cattle Industry Summer Conference. At their lunch meeting I spoke with CBB chairman, Ken Stielow (3rd from left). He provides us with an overview of the conference from the Checkoff …

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Fermentation Can Bring Value Worth Waiting For

Chuck Zimmerman

Up to 60 days of fermentation before feeding can improve starch digestibility, particularly with high-moisture corn, reports Dr. Bill Mahanna, Pioneer Global Nutritional Sciences Manager. It’s important, though, to control fermentation, keeping feedstuffs fresh and reducing shrink losses. When feeding both high-moisture corn and corn silage, ensiling can help head off issues like spring acidosis. The overall goal is a …

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Export Opportunities in the Middle East

Chuck Zimmerman

It may come as a surprise, but many nations in the Middle East offer growing markets for U.S. produced dairy products, especially cheese. In this report from the U.S. Dairy Export Council, you can hear from Nina Dakht who manages market development programs for the USCDEC in the middle east region. Brian Baxter has more on this U.S. dairy export …

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Grain Particles: The Relationship of Size to Speed

Chuck Zimmerman

Among dairy nutritionists, grain particle size is of increasing interest, particularly for high-moisture corn. Intuition suggests the smaller the particles, the faster the starch digestion. Dr. Bill Mahanna, Pioneer Global Nutritional Sciences Manager, confirms this. In addition, he calls attention to the importance of particle hardness and distribution in processing for improved feed value. Bill also offers insight on what …

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Get a Virtual Dairy Tour

Chuck Zimmerman

Here’s a report from the Dairy Checkoff. Research suggests that today’s consumers are interested more than ever before about where their food comes from. In an effort to show the public how high-quality dairy products get from the farm to consumers’ tables, a producer-funded Web site, takes visitors on a virtual tour of a dairy farm. Brian Baxter has more …

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