No News But Some Country Music

Chuck Zimmerman

Michael PetersonI’m sorry I haven’t posted since last week. I really thought I’d find some dairy news at Commodity Classic but in all the busy-ness that didn’t happen. However, since we’re running a video iPod contest for New Holland I thought I’d share this with you.


Perennial Lactation – Keeping Cows In Milk Longer

Andy Vance

Dr. David Zartman, The Ohio State UniversityThe typical dairy cycle is for a producing cow to enter a dry period from between 45 and 60 days prior to calving. That cycle, however, may not be the most profitable production practice available. Dr. David Zartman, Professor Emeritus at The Ohio State University’s Department of Animal Sciences recently released an article examining the concept of perennial lactation – a lactation lasting over two full years, and in several cases, three and four years without a dry period. I spoke with Dr. Zartman on the subject, and you can listen to his comments here: Audio David Zartman Interview (8:54 mp3 file)

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