Dairy Contest is All in the Agvocacy

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Here’s a contest with a great prize: BASF Plant Science is offering a grand prize winner a spot at the new AgChat Foundation‘s Agvocacy 2.0 Conference! Just enter their NutriDense® Silage Web Moo.0 contest! Between the #dairy Twitter hashtag, straight-from-the-milking parlor blog posts, and planting season Facebook updates, social media has revolutionized how the dairy industry tells its story. Now, …

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NutriDense Announces New Communications Manager

Chuck Zimmerman

NutriDense has a new marketing manager as announced by BASF Plant Science. She’s Heather Goode. In this position, she will support the NutriDense sales and marketing team through the development of marketing communication plans and tools that align with NutriDense business strategies and objectives. “Heather has worked on many agricultural accounts in an agency setting and is well-suited to lead …

BASF Plant Science

Silage That's All About Fiber Digestability

Chuck Zimmerman

After the virtual farm tour that BASF Plant Science sponsored at World Dairy Expo, I spoke again with Jerry Weigel, Global Nutrition Manager, about their Nutridense silage product. He says there’s a real distinction between what they’re doing and what other companies are doing. “We are focused in two different directions. We are focused on a grain direction and a …

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Nutridense Trial Shows Higher Protein Percentage

Chuck Zimmerman

The main presenter at the SUNY Cobleskill virtual farm tour was Tom Poltynski, farm coordinator. He talked about the school’s facility and says it’s unique because they’re very far north for using a flush system. He says they have good student involvement as evidenced by the fact that more students apply for jobs than are available. One of the things …

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BASF Plant Science Sponsors Virtual Farm Tour

Chuck Zimmerman

One of the features of World Dairy Expo is the virtual farm tours. BASF Plant Science sponsored one by State University of New York – Cobleskill. Jerry Weigel, Global Nutrition Manager, says these tours allow producers to look at some of the top dairies in the country and they also allow those same dairies to showcase their innovative ideas. He …

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World Dairy Expo Summary

Chuck Zimmerman

I’m slowly lowering my cheese intake this week after the massive amounts served to us at World Dairy Expo last week. The picture is of one of the outside vendors. I took it when I was leaving late one night. Here’s some official summary information from the World Dairy Expo staff that I thought you’d be interested to know: Total …

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Guernsey Wins WDX Supreme Champion

Chuck Zimmerman

The 2007 World Dairy Expo is over and it ended with a great Parade of Champions. You can see pictures of all the action in my photo album. There’s 242 of them in there! Here’s your Supreme Champion, Indian Acres Mm Pistachio Pie, Ashley Elise Sears, So. Deerfield, MA . Jersey was the Reserve Supreme Champion, Llolyn Jude Griffen-et, Peter …

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Big Ass Fans Are In Your Face

Chuck Zimmerman

I couldn’t pass up this picture. If I’m a cow needing a little breeze to cool me down then give me a Big Ass Fan. That’s what I’m talking about. One of these would be very nice over by deck too I’ll bet. Here’s what they say about them on their website: “We don’t know about California, but we’re darn …

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How A Cow Is Like An Ethanol Plant

Chuck Zimmerman

When I saw a booth that posed the question, “How is a cow like an ethanol production plant?” I had to stop for a visit. Manning the booth is Nick Baker, U. S. Dairy Forage Research Center. Nick says that basically the cow’s rumen uses microbes to break down forage and feed into the energy it needs much like an …

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National Dairy Shrine Having Great Year

Chuck Zimmerman

The National Dairy Shrine is having a great year according to board member Tommy Martin. Tommy is an old friend of mine (he’s not old) from my home state of Florida. He works for Merial. I found him in the trade show this morning and asked him to give me an update on how the National Dairy Shrine is doing. …

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