Producers – The Face of the Beef Industry

Jamie Johansen

On the business side of the recent Cattle Industry Convention, the Cattlemen’s Beef Board elected new leadership. Anne Anderson, a cattle producer from Austin, Texas, will serve as the Board’s new chairman and I sat down with her to learn more about her goals and aspirations for the coming year. “One of the goals I have for the Board is …

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Cattlemen's Beef Board CEO Talks Long-Range Plan

Jamie Johansen

The 2016 Cattle Industry Convention & NCBA Trade Show brought beef leaders together to San Diego and one of those key leaders was Cattlemen’s Beef Board (CBB) CEO, Polly Ruhland. The board has put together a long-range plan and she was eager to share elements the group of beef experts have slated for the next five years. “We believe that …

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Beef Industry Talks Nutrition at #NAFB15

Lizzy Schultz

Several representatives from the beef industry were on hand during Trade Talks at the 2015 National Association of Farm Broadcasters (NAFB) Convention to discuss the nutritional value of beef, and to highlight several different ways the beef industry is working to help consumers correctly incorporate it into a healthy diet. “Right now there’s a strong focus in the industry on …

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Science Doesn't Support IARC Opinion on Meat & Cancer

Jamie Johansen

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) was assigned to review all of the available evidence on red meat and cancer risk, yet were divided on their opinion whether to label red meat a “probable” cause of cancer, according to the Beef Checkoff nutrition scientist and registered dietitian who observed the controversial process. After seven days of deliberation in …

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Time to Test Your Beef I.Q.

Jamie Johansen

The Beef Checkoff, through its Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative (NEBPI) and in partnership with the South Dakota Beef Industry Council (SDBIC), asks the public to test their Beef I.Q. through the “I Love Beef Trivia” Challenge for the chance to win tickets to the 23rd annual Safeway National Capital Barbecue Battle in Washington, DC, on June 27-28. The online challenge …

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‘Grocery Grab’ Game Explores Cooking With Beef

Jamie Johansen

My American Farm has just launched a new game aligned to national learning standards for 3rd-5th grade students called “Grocery Grab.” The free game focuses on nutrition and cooking with beef, as well as beef quality. Learners also will delve into the sometimes-mysterious world of fresh beef cuts. In this section of the game, matching beef cuts to end products …

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Are You Up for the 30 Day Protein Challenge?

Jamie Johansen

The Beef Checkoff wants to know if you are up for a challenge. They have just introduced a 30 Day Protein Challenge to encourage Americans to consume protein in balanced amounts. They said we consume two-thirds of our total daily protein intake at dinner. For some time now, research has shown that consuming protein in balanced amounts at each meal …

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SD, NY Beef Councils Fuel NYC Half Marathon

John Davis

To run 13.1 miles, you have to have some pretty good fuel to get those muscles in good enough shape. The beef industry recently showed more than 30,000 athletes, their friends and families attending the 2015 United Airlines NYC Half Marathon Health & Fitness Expo in Manhattan that beef can be a good source for the muscle fuel. The New …

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