New Forage Seed Mixture Benefits Bees & Livestock

Jamie Johansen

In response to America’s urgent needs to protect pollinators and to support sustainable livestock farming, Grassland Oregon, a leading seed research and development company, has introduced a new seed mixture called Pastures for Pollinators. Proceeds from the sales of Pastures for Pollinators will be donated to further sustainable agriculture research programs. “We have put together a great formula with a …

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Two New Books for Chicken and Bee Keepers

Kelly Marshall

Quarto Publishing Group has announced the addition of two new books to help those who raise chickens or are beekeepers.  Both books are recently off the press so they’re timely, current and good resources. The Chicken Keeper’s Problem Solver is written by longtime chicken keeper and poultry expert Chris Graham guides you through 100 common problems faced by chicken keepers. …

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Bee Care Center Anniversary

Chuck Zimmerman

Bayer CropScience celebrated the first anniversary of their North American Bee Care Center located in RTP, NC. The center is open for public tours and today there was a lot of touring going on. Thanks to Jeff Donald for a photo. Wish we could have been there. After some lunch time remarks for the media to update them on key …

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Biggest Bee Keeping Invention Since 1852

Jamie Johansen

The Flow™ Hive, a revolutionary beehive invention allowing the harvesting of honey without opening the hive and thus, limiting the stress on the bees, launched an Indiegogo campaign that has already broken records on the world’s largest crowdfunding platform. The sweet campaign raised $2.18M in the first day, breaking the record for most funds raised in the first 24 hours. …

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Citizens Abuzz Over Bee Data Collection Project

Jamie Johansen

Citizen scientists around the world are busy as bees for a University of Florida study. A global movement called “citizen science” is gaining traction, as scientists give lay people protocols so they can collect valid data. In this case, participants build and monitor artificial nesting habitats suitable for solitary bees and wasps. Many bees and wasps live in social colonies. …

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Disaster Aid for Bees, Livestock and Fish

Cindy Zimmerman

Nearly 2,500 applicants will receive disaster assistance from USDA through the Emergency Assistance for Livestock, Honeybees, and Farm-Raised Fish Program (ELAP) for losses suffered from Oct. 1, 2011, through Sept. 30, 2013. “As promised, we’re making sure that thousands of producers who suffered through two and a half difficult years without Farm Bill assistance, are getting some relief,” said Agriculture …

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