GEA Rotary Parlors with AutoRotor™ PerFormer CX360

Jamie Johansen

The GEA AutoRotor™ PerFormer CX360 has taken rotary parlors to the next level with its new design, increased labor efficiency and improved cow comfort while also including a five-year warranty on the platform and rollers. “For more than two decades, rotary parlors have revolutionized dairy production around the world and now the AutoRotor™ PerFormer CX360 advances them to a whole …

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Finger Millet Saves Water in Dairy Production

Lizzy Schultz

As the sustained increase in dairy production throughout the Southern High Plains region of West Texas and New Mexico continues to stretch the area’s Ogallala Aquifer beyond capacity, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists have looked to the efforts of Indian cattle farmers for an attempt to lower the area’s water usage. The potential solution involves replacing corn silage and …

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NMPF Talks Trade at Congressional Hearing

Jamie Johansen

At a congressional hearing Tuesday on Capitol Hill, National Milk Producers Federation Chairman Randy Mooney said that well-negotiated trade agreements have the potential to increase export opportunities for America’s dairy farmers, but he warned that the terms of free trade agreements must be tenaciously enforced. Mooney, a dairy farmer from Rogersville, MO, told the House Ways and Means Trade Subcommittee …

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Acres & Avenues Launches Second Season

Lizzy Schultz

Dairy Management Incorporated (DMI) has announced that the checkoff-funded Acres and Avenues online video series, designed to advance the conversation and help people reconnect with dairy farmers who produce our nation’s milk supply, launched its second season on June 1, 2016. Acres and Avenues chronicles a unique cultural exchange and job shadow experience between dairy farmers and millennials, where both …

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Gowan Announces Dairy Guarantee Program

Lizzy Schultz

Gowan USA, LLC recently announced that its new Affiance Fungicide Guarantee Program is available for dairy producers throughout the United States. “We’re so confident in the ability of Affiance Fungicide to increase the feed value of corn silage that we’re offering this ironclad guarantee,” stated Chad Dyer, Affiance Product Manager for Gowan. “Dairy producers just need to purchase one case …

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WI Dairy Farmers Question Trump On #FarmLabor

Lizzy Schultz

Many Presidential candidates are spending a significant amount of time in Wisconsin this week in anticipation of the state’s presidential primary next week, including Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, and the Wisconsin dairy community used the many political events as an opportunity to help the candidate understand the incredibly important role that immigrant labor plays in the Wisconsin agricultural sector …

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DFA Honors Seven Members of Distinction

Lizzy Schultz

Each year, one member farm from each of the Dairy Farmers of America’s (DFA) seven regions is honored during the DFA Annual Banquet. The 2016 Members of Distinction are: The Central Region honors went to the Hanke family, Hanke Farms Inc, of Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin. Though multiple disasters have struck the operation, including a massive silo collapse, personal tragedy, and …

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Young CA Dairy Leaders To Ride on Rose Parade® Float

Jamie Johansen

The California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) has named the five float riders who will represent the state’s more than 1,400 dairy families on its inaugural “Adventures in Real Food” Rose Parade® Float. The CMAB selected young dairy and farming leaders who have dedicated their time and efforts to advocate for the industry. “As an industry that brings an abundance of …

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Dairy Methane Digester Study

Jamie Johansen

Dairy Care says dairy methane digesters are among the most cost-effective investments California has made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help achieve the their climate change prevention goals, according to a new study by Ramboll Environ. The study examines how cap and trade auction proceeds are being invested by the California Air Resources Board. “Dairy anaerobic digesters are a …

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