CattleFax Gives 2016 Market Outlook

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Recent price shock in the market and insights about the turbulence ahead were explained today to more than 2,000 beef producers at the CattleFax Outlook Session held during the 2016 Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show. Many business have struggled with the downward spiral in price from record high cattle prices, but CattleFax CEO Randy Blach said the market …

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CWAS Offers 2016 Economic Outlook

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Many dairy producers across the nation are struggling with low milk prices, and that trend isn’t looking to change anytime soon. Cody Heller, CEO/CFO of Central Wisconsin Ag Services, has broken down exactly what is happening on both the supply and demand sides of the dairy industry, and offers some advice for producers to make the most of the economy’s …

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Global Beef Report from Rabobank

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According to a new report from the Rabobank Food & Agribusiness Research and Advisory group, U.S. beef producers are seeing the nature of beef trade evolving as other countries have begun to produce beef under favorable export agreements. The new trade dynamics have resulted in the gaining value of the U.S. dollar, and domestic markets are making demands producers haven’t …

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Virginia Governor Proposes New Equine Facilities at Virginia Tech

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A recent announcement by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe included plans surrounding the funding for new and renovated livestock, poultry, and equine facilities at Virginia Tech University as one part of a proposed $2.43 billion bond package. The proposed facilities are part of several proposed capital improvement projects around the state, all of which are aimed at strengthening the commonwealth’s research …

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#WDE15 Focused on Global Dairy Policy

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Mark Stephenson, Director of Dairy Policy Analysis for the University of Wisconsin College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, was one of many exceptional dairy professionals who spoke in front of international audiences during the 2015 World Dairy Expo. “Policy has been pretty important for us in the last couple of years as we had a Farm Bill approaching,” he said …

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Hogs and Pigs Outlook

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Dr. Ron Plain has been a trusted voice for livestock industry economics at the University of Missouri since 1981, but he is heading into at least semi-retirement. “I’m retiring on September 1,” said Plain, who spoke at the Boehringer Ingeheim (BIVI) swine seminar in North Carolina last Friday. “So this is one of my last opportunities as a professor to …

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RaboBank Global Pork Industry Report

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Rabobank has published a new report on the global pork industry, saying that heated international markets are slowly cooling down. In the report, the bank’s Food & Agribusiness Research team says that, although the peak of the 2014 porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus (PEDv) outbreak is past, the global pork industry faces another challenge from the Russian import ban affecting EU, …

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Economic Drivers Influence the Hereford Breed

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Hereford breeders united to look at the data and production trends throughout the breed at the recent Hereford Genetic Summit. Looking at what is happening here and across the globe gives producers the insight to move the breed forward. CattleFax CEO, Randy Blach, said the Summit is a perfect way for the breed to continually compete in the marketplace. Producers …

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Pork Economic Situation and Outlook

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The record yields and production predicted for the U.S. corn crop this year have good potential to get even bigger, according to livestock economist Steve Meyer, Paragon Economics. “It just looks very good … we’re looking at a great crop,” said Meyer at the Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica North Carolina Swine Health Seminar last week. “Based on history, the two years …

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Profits Bring Opportunities for Dairy Farm Improvements

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Growing dairy profit margins on the heels of strong export demand are giving producers more opportunities to improve and repair farm equipment and facilities, a Purdue Extension dairy specialist says. While Mexico continues to be the largest buyer of dairy products exported from the U.S., growing demand in Southeast Asia for powdered milk and whey has helped boost on-farm profits. …

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