FDA Reopened Comments for Combo Drug Medicated Feeds

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The FDA has reopened the comment period to seek public input on Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) draft recommendations for modifications to the current review processes for new animal drug applications (NADAs) for the use of multiple new animal drugs in combination drug medicated feeds. In preparing these recommendations, CVM considered the input it previously received from the public. The …

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AFIA Supports White Paper on Livestock GHG Emissions

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The American Feed Industry Association is in support of University of California, Davis, Professor Frank Mitloehner, Ph.D., on the release of his white paper, “Livestock’s Contributions to Climate Change: Facts and Fiction.” The document dissects animal agriculture and other areas that produce greenhouse gas emissions, with the consensus that the livestock industry is not a driving force in climate change. …

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Alltech Acquires Keenan, 14th Since 2011

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Alltech has agreed to acquire Keenan, a leading farming solutions company in Ireland. Keenan is the 14th acquisition for Alltech globally since 2011. “The Keenan group has long been a friend of Alltech. This is a story about two great Irish; globally-minded companies coming together. As an Irishman, I am delighted to welcome Keenan to our family, because together we …

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Ceres Expands Forage & Feed Crops

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Ceres, Inc., an agricultural biotechnology focused on forage and feed crops, has expanded its distribution network for its forage sorghum seed products. The announcement follows favorable product performance results from its new line of improved hybrids, which are used to grow hay and silage for dairy and beef cattle. With a larger network, Ceres plans to make its latest generation …

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New Silage Additive Helps Minimize Nutrient Loss

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BioZyme® Inc. recently announced the development of AmaSile, a natural silage additive that is helping to stabilize the fermentation process, reduce the time required by silage to properly ferment, minimize nutrient loss, and reduce spoilage by undesirable bacteria. “AmaSile works to stimulate the growth and development of beneficial microorganisms that speed up and stabilize the fermentation process,” said Dorothy Orts, …

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Alltech Analyzes Mycotoxins in DDGs

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Since the release of Alltech’s 2015 North America Harvest Analysis results, some pork and poultry producers have found that dried distiller’s grains (DDGs), a byproduct of ethanol production that is gaining popularity as a pork and poultry feed, are a new source for mycotoxin contamination. DDGs are created during ethanol production, when yeast utilizes the highly digestible starch materials to …

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Chromatin Offers Relief to Producers Hurt by Fire

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The Anderson Creek Fire destroyed more than 400,000 and now Chromatin, Inc. is moving in to help farmers and ranchers.  The company will be providing producers with seed that will rapidly feed livestock or cover the ground to prevent soil erosion. “We are saddened to hear of the tragic damage caused by this fire to crops, pastures and livestock in …

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Alltech Releases Global Aquaculture Production Data

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Following the release of their annual Global Feed Survey, and based on several industry requests, the research team behind Alltech recently completed a deeper dive into analyzing the growing aquaculture feed sector and the increased finisher feed prices worldwide. Aidan Connolly, Chief Innovation Officer for Alltech, sat down with for an interview with AgWired on the results of the analysis. …

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Brookside Agra’s All-Natural H2OExcel™

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Cardinal Agriculture Services, the agronomy/risk management division of Brookside Agra, is reporting higher feed quality in alfalfa treated with all-natural H2OExcel™ water conservation agent in a recent Illinois field trial. According to Ben Elliott, Cardinal Agriculture Services soil and plant nutrition specialist, alfalfa treated with H2OExcel during the field trial exhibited the following results compared to the untreated alfalfa: – …

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Sorghum Awards Enginuity Grant for Livestock Feed Tech

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Enginuity Worldwide, a Missouri-based biotechnology company, announced today United Sorghum Checkoff has awarded the company a $100,000 grant to expand its livestock feed technology research program. The grant will help Enginuity produce better sources of animal feed using patented rotary compression technology. “The United Sorghum Checkoff Program has provided us with a tremendous opportunity to research and develop affordable, nutritious …

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