Purina Updates Premium Poultry Feed

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One of poultry producers most reliable feeds has just been made better. Purina Animal Nutrition has updated its proven formula of Purina® Layena® Premium Poultry Feed, formulated to support hen immune health and support egg quality and available in both pellets and crumbles. “Hens require additional, specific nutrients when they begin laying eggs,” says Gordon Ballam, Ph.D., director of lifestyle …

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Proprietary SPC Enzymes Enhance Digestion of Feed

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Inclusion of proprietary SPC Enzymes™ in R&D LifeSciences’ feed additives helps to improve digestion of feed. The proprietary enzymes enhance the digestion of starch, protein, and cellulose in feed to help livestock extract more nutrition from their diet. R&D LifeSciences feed additives, including top-sellers Lactomace® and Cattlemace®, contain a combination of Bacillus subtilis, Trichoderma viride, and Aspergillus oryzae which include …

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Alltech Equine Webinar on Winter Feeding

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Join Alltech Equine Heroes on October 22 2014 at 3pm GMT (11am EDT) as Dr. Helen Warren from the Alltech technical team, shares her key insights on winter feeding of horses with a specific focus on forage options, feeding values and nutritional issues to watch out for. Alltech’s Global Equine and Pet Marketing Manager – Clare Fahey – will also …

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Hubbard Feeds Introduces Platinum Fortification Package

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Hubbard Feeds Inc., the leading provider of researched-based, animal nutrition solutions, is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of its new vitamin and trace mineral nutrition supplement for seed-stock cattle, termed “Platinum” fortification. The Hubbard Beef Platinum package is designed to optimize production in breeding stock, providing the essential nutrition levels needed to meet the demands for rapid growth and …

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Digi-Star’s Rich History of Weight Sensors

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Digi-Star took home a 2014 Innovation Award at the World Dairy Expo for their moisture tracker. They also hosted a media event during the show and that is where I met up with Mac Moore, president and CEO of Digi-Star, who spoke with me about the honor and what the company has in store for producers across the country. “Digi-Star …

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Livestock Intake Calculator for Supplements App

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Ridley Block Operations has released a new app for livestock producers called LICS; Livestock Intake Calculator for Supplements. The new LICS app is supported by RBO’s brands; CRYSTALYX®, SWEETLIX®, STOCKADE® and ULTRALYX® livestock supplements. It is designed to be a useful calculator with minimal, intuitive inputs that make free-choice supplement performance easier to monitor and manage. The FREE LICS app …

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Study Finds No Problems With GMO Feed

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A new scientific review from the University of California-Davis has found no adverse impact on the performance and health of livestock and poultry consuming genetically engineered feed in the time since it was first introduced 18 years ago. The review, led by UC Davis animal scientist Alison Van Eenennaam, examined nearly 30 years of livestock-feeding studies that represent more than …

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Hubbard Feeds Dairy to Launch STRIVE Calf Program

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Hubbard Feeds, the leading provider of researched-based, animal nutrition products, is pleased to announce the launch of its new STRIVE Calf Program at World Dairy Expo, Sept. 30 – Oct. 4, 2014 in Madison, WI. STRIVE is Hubbard’s next generation calf feeding program designed to provide superb early growth and a smooth transition to dry feed. STRIVE PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS: • …

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Pork Economic Situation and Outlook

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The record yields and production predicted for the U.S. corn crop this year have good potential to get even bigger, according to livestock economist Steve Meyer, Paragon Economics. “It just looks very good … we’re looking at a great crop,” said Meyer at the Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica North Carolina Swine Health Seminar last week. “Based on history, the two years …

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