American Lamb Elects New Board

Jamie Johansen

Agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack has announced the reappointment of four board members to serve on the 2017 American Lamb Board. Each appointee will serve a second three-year term. James “Jim” Percival of Xenia, Ohio and Diane Josephy Peavey of Hailey, Idaho will be representing producers. Dale Thorne of Hanover, Michigan will be representing feeders and Greg Ahart of Sacramento, California …

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Chefs From Barbados Visit Colorado Lamb Plant

Lizzy Schultz

This week’s audio report from the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) discusses a USMEF-sponsored trip that recently brought a team of chefs from the Caribbean island of Barbados to Colorado for a firsthand look at the quality and versatility of U.S. lamb. During their visit, the team received a tour of the Superior Farms lamb plant in Denver. Shane McKenzie, …

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U.S. Lamb Moves into Taiwan

Jamie Johansen

Earlier tis week the USDA announced access to Taiwan for American lamb. American Sheep Industry Association President Burton Pfliger (N.D.) applauds the announcement as this is the first new export-market access for American lamb in years. “The sheep industry appreciates the department’s efforts in elevating entry for U.S. lamb exports as a market access priority and for making meaningful progress …

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USMEF Applauds Taiwan’s Reopening to U.S. Lamb

Jamie Johansen

U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) said it is the first time since 2003 that U.S. lamb and lamb products have regained access to Taiwan. Dr. Dennis Stiffler, CEO of Mountain States Rosen and USMEF vice chair, thanked U.S. agricultural and trade officials for their efforts to restore market access for U.S. lamb. “This is the culmination of many months of …

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ALB Selects Four Young Leaders Representatives

Lizzy Schultz

This year, the American Lamb Board (ALB) developed the Tri-Lamb Young Leaders Program was developed to create a forum of young producers and leaders from the United States, Australia and New Zealand to share ideas, network, and broaden the understanding of sheep production practices in all three countries. Representatives from each country will participate in the forum for two years, …

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Pingree Farms Celebrates Birth of Quad Lambs in Detroit

Jamie Johansen

A, now famous, Columbia ewe from Pingree Farms gave birth to quadruplets. The lambs arrived March 6th throughout a three hour period starting. Only one in five-hundred births of this breed are quadruplets, and only one in one-thousand births do all four survive. New farm manager Holly Glomski explains, “This is a very rare experience in agriculture for this particular …

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BioZyme Offers Expert Lambing Advice

Kelly Marshall

BioZyme® Inc. is a company which develops products for animal nutrition, production, microbiology and reproduction.  As lambing season approaches they have a few tips for a successful season. Gestation management can go a long way to prevent issues during lambing.  Ensure ewes are feed proper nutrition with a quality vitamin and mineral supplement program. “During the last trimester, you may …

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Sheep Industry Releases New Best Practices

Lizzy Schultz

The 2016 Sheep Industry Convention introduced lamb producers to the industry’s first set of Productivity Best Practices. The new list of Best Practices to Increase Lamb Crop were developed by sheep producers and production experts with the intent to give sheep producers more control over price volatility, as Lambs sold per ewe is the biggest influence on profitability. Best practices …

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Lamb Industry Says "Try It, You'll Love It"

Kelly Marshall

Among the many participants of the National Association of Farm Broadcasters conference were members of the American Sheep Industry Association and American Lamb Board.  They took some time to tell AgWired what’s new in the sheep industry. Burton Pfliger is President American Sheep Industry Association. He gave us a quick overview of some highlights in the sheep industry, including the …

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