Celebrity Farmers

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A visit to your local supermarket or farmers market will show you this story in action. The Ricker family of Maine makes for unlikely celebrities. Photographs of the farming family—with 70-year-old patriarch Don Ricker, his three sons, four grandchildren, an infant great-grandson, and the family’s mutt—adorn local supermarkets, from Wal-Mart (WMT) to the local Hannaford chain, proclaiming that the juicy …


Hoard's to Expand Farm Facilities

Andy Vance

I’ve been a big fan of Hoard’s Dairyman since I started writing about the industry, quickly adding a three-year subscription to my list of must-read publications. I’ve also always thought it is perhaps the coolest farm publication in the business because it’s the only one I’m aware of that has its own working farm! The latest word from Hoard’s is that the farm itself is growing:

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Need Dairy Photos? Get Mooving….

Andy Vance

MoovingImages.com of Madison, WI has launched its redesigned website. The site now features online ordering, hundreds of high-resolution downloadable images, and advanced search capabilitiles. Expanded photo selections are also key, with new photos being added daily. In the near future, the site will also feature images from guest consignors. For folks interested in dairy, the catalog hosts nearly 550 dairy cow shots, 179 “dairy specific” photos, and dozens of farm scene shots.

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Dead Cow Stinking Up The Joint

Andy Vance

West Milford, WV – Just outside this quaint village of 500 folks just south of Clarksburg, residents are concerned about a foul problem. A foul-smelling problem, that is. It seems that along the edge of town runs the West Fork River, and just outside town the river is dammed. Typically, the dam is a great fishing hole for the locals. Rather, it was a great fishing hole. Now it just stinks.

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