Move Over Gatorade, Chocolate Milk is the Athletic Drink of Choice

Andy Vance

Chocolate Milk Bottle

Belive it or not, the next time you go out for a run or hope on the treadmill, you may want to take along a bottle of ice cold chocolate milk. Sure, you love the flavor of chocolate milk, but leading researchers now say it may be a better athletic drink than what you typically see sports stars chugging on television.

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Guard Your Cows… The Aliens Are Coming!

Andy Vance

Alien Warning Sign

I have officially found the coolest website of all time. The California Milk Processor Board, the Got Milk people, has launched – The official site tracking the alien abduction of dairy cows around the globe. Site features are numerous, including video of victims’ herdowners, pictures of the missing and exploited cows, tips and tricks to ward off the alien abducters, and frequently asked questions about the aliens and the missing cows. There is also a feature where you can warn your friends and neighbors of the dangers of cow abduction. The site is fun, fun, and really really fun. Check it out, and let me know your favorite part.

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Perennial Lactation – Keeping Cows In Milk Longer

Andy Vance

Dr. David Zartman, The Ohio State UniversityThe typical dairy cycle is for a producing cow to enter a dry period from between 45 and 60 days prior to calving. That cycle, however, may not be the most profitable production practice available. Dr. David Zartman, Professor Emeritus at The Ohio State University’s Department of Animal Sciences recently released an article examining the concept of perennial lactation – a lactation lasting over two full years, and in several cases, three and four years without a dry period. I spoke with Dr. Zartman on the subject, and you can listen to his comments here: Audio David Zartman Interview (8:54 mp3 file)

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Hot Rod Milk

Chuck Zimmerman

Bravo ProductsThe Indy Racing League may be moving to ethanol to power their cars but drag racers are fueling up with milk! At least Erica Enders, who races for Cagnazzi Racing’s NHRA Pro Stock Team is drinking a lot of milk. She just had her sponsorship by Bravo! Foods International Corp. renewed and expanded. Last year, Slammers Ultimate Milk sponsored the second half of the season. This year, Slammers Ultimate Milk will be the primary sponsor of Enders’ Chevy Cobalt Pro Stock racer for the full 23-race 2006 season, building on what was started in 2005.

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New Milk Market Research

Chuck Zimmerman

Do you love or hate milk? That’s apparently one of the questions asked in a new survey that was reported on today on MSNBC. The story says that the study was conducted by BuzzBack Market Research in conjunction with Dairy Management Inc. and Dairy Foods Magazine. Basically they did the study over a 10-day period in early October and 990 adults ages 18-70 years old responded (51% female, 49% male). One of the things they found was that when choosing a particular kind or brand of milk, more than 40% of respondents deem variety and availability very important factors. Additionally:

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