People Behind Dairy Products

Lizzy Schultz

The Midwest Dairy Association recently named a new CEO for the first time in 35 years. Lucas Lentsch, with his long-standing, diverse experience in agriculture, took the helm with ease. Jamie Johansen spoke with him during NAFB’s Trade Talk to discuss some of the organization’s latest campaigns and new partnerships. Midwest Dairy Association has partnered with YUM! Brands, which includes …

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Merial Talks Cattle Product Line at NAFB

Lizzy Schultz

The team at Merial made a presence during the NAFB Trade Talks, and Jamie had an opportunity to sit down with Dr. Joe Dedrickson, Field Veterinary Service Director, to talk about three important products in Merial’s portfolio of cattle health solutions: Synschsure, Longrange, and Zactran. Synchsure, a prostaglandin that can be used to synchronize the cycle of both dairy and …

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State of U.S. Pork Industry

Jamie Johansen

The National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) once again brought key spokespeople to Kansas City for NAFB’s Trade Talk. Beyond the election, there is no doubt the hottest topic discussed this year was trade. NPPC President, John Weber, said they were optimistic about the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and have invested a lot of time and resources into it. “We are …

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USMEF Bullish on TPP & Meat Exports

Jamie Johansen

The U.S. Meat Export Federation’s (USMEF) latest stats are out on U.S. pork, beef and lamb. Thad Lively, Senior Vice President, USMEF, was onsite at NAFB’s Trade Talk to highlight those export numbers along with trade and the new presidential administration going forward. “The numbers are very encouraging. Beef exports are up 8%, pork exports are up 5%. That’s from …

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NCBA Talks Trade, New Administration & Markets

Jamie Johansen

Agricultural policies are the name of the game for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) when representing our nation’s beef producers in Washington D.C. As farm broadcasters gathered for this year’s NAFB Trade Talk, they were again on-hand to talk key issues as we prepare for new leadership. Colin Woodall, Vice President of Governmental Affairs, NCBA, said “I think when …

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Protect The Harvest Strengthening Their Defense

Lizzy Schultz

Representatives from Protect the Harvest were on hand during the 2015 National Association of Farm Broadcasters (NAFB) Convention to discuss the organization’s most recent efforts to inform consumers about production agriculture, protect the freedoms of American farmers and ranchers, and respond to the activities of radical animal rights groups, like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and the …

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Advanta Seed's Sorghum Research Focus on Cattle

Jamie Johansen

Technical Development Manager, Travis Kidd, talked to me at the recent NAFB Trade Talk about Advanta Seed’s grain sorghum hybrids. Their advanced traits provide drought tolerance and resistance to disease and pests. Research plays a big part of Travis’ job. One of those projects is with Texas Tech University who they have teamed up with to do some product testing …

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National Bison Association Reports High Demand

Kelly Marshall

Dave Carter, the Executive Director for the National Bison Association recently attended the NAFB 2015 Conference and shared with Kindra Hall a bit about bison. “We are scrambling to keep up with the growing consumer demand for bison,” Carter explains.  “We’ve talked for years about the fact that this is a lean, healthy product.  It’s all natural and sustainable and …

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Bayer Talks Animal Health Innovation

Lizzy Schultz

Bayer Health Care had several representatives from their Animal Health Team on hand at Trade Talks during the 2015 National Association of Farm Broadcasters (NAFB) Convention to discuss two of their latest innovations in animal healthcare. Doug Stouffer, Food Animal Marketing Communications Manager for Bayer, sat down during Trade Talks to discuss Zelnate, Bayer’s latest non-antibiotic innovation to fight Bovine …

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