BIVI Talks Swine Health at #NAFB15

Kelly Marshall

Dr. Eduardo Fano the Technical Manager Americas for Swine Marketing at Boehringer Ingelheim recently attended the National Association of Farm Broadcasters and made time to talk with Jamie Johansen. With a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota, Dr. Fano’s work has focused on respiratory deceases in hogs. When asked about the greatest challenge facing pork production Dr. Fano stated Porcine Respiratory …

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Dairy Products & Consumer Confidence

Jamie Johansen

The Midwest Dairy Association was among the many agricultural organizations who took advantage of NAFB’s Trade Talk to discuss pressing issues impacting their members. I spoke with Jerry Messer, dairy farmer from North Dakota and chairman of the National Dairy Council. Jerry shares more about the checkoff’s work with Fuel Up to Play 60. He said they are in 73,000 …

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Merck Talks Antibiotics & Producer Training

Lizzy Schultz

As the agriculture community came together during the annual National Association of Farm Broadcasting’s Trade Talk to share the latest information on their industry, the team behind Merck Animal Health was excited to discuss one of the hottest topics in animal agriculture: Antibiotic Stewardship. The first expert we heard from was Dr. Rick Sibbel, DVM, who currently heads up the …

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Alltech Presenting Webinar on Mycotoxins

Lizzy Schultz

Producers are encouraged to join Dr. Max Hawkins, nutritionist, Alltech Mycotoxin Management team, on Monday, November 30th, for a series of two webinars on Mycotoxin management. Dr. Hawkins will present Alltech’s latest findings from the 2015 North America Harvest Analysis, and will discuss the production and economic impacts ruminant and monogastric animals could be facing. Ann Hess, On-Farm Communications manager …

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NCBA Update from Trade Talk

Jamie Johansen

The agriculture community united to share the latest information on their industry at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting’s Trade Talk and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association was in that crowd. First up, we hear from Vice President of Government Affairs, Colin Woodall. He discusses dietary guidelines, Waters of the United States, trade, foreign animal diseases and the Endangered Species …

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EPA Launches Nutrient Recycling Challenge

Cindy Zimmerman

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is partnering with pork and dairy producers, USDA, and environmental and scientific experts to host a competition to find technologies that can recycle nutrients from livestock waste and create valuable products. EPA agricultural counselor Ron Carleton was at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting last week to announce the Nutrient Recycling challenge. “To try to …

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TPP Discussed at #NAFB15

Jamie Johansen

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has been a common topic covered by ag groups at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting convention in Kansas City this week. Representatives from six national farm groups joined USDA Foreign Agricultural Service Administrator Phil Karsting in Kansas City Wednesday for a press event to discuss the TPP. The event featured farmer leaders from the American …

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Pork Board's Strategic Plan – People, Pigs & Planet

Jamie Johansen

During the 2014 National Association of Farm Broadcasting’s Trade Talk intern, Taylor Truckey, sat down with fellow Michiganite, Dale Norton. Dale is President of the National Pork Board and after they found out they are from neighboring hometowns, they chatted about their new initiative, People, Pigs & Planet that they are using to bridge the gap between producer and consumer. …

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Pork Board Provides Update on PEDv

Jamie Johansen

During the 2014 National Association of Farm Broadcasting annual meeting, Taylor spoke with Dr. Lisa Becton, Director of Swine Health, Information & Research for the National Pork Board, about PEDv and it’s impact on the U.S. swine industry. They also discuss the research currently being conducting to combat this epidemic. “It’s been a very challenging few months. PEDv was first …

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DHA for Animals, Producers & Consumers

Jamie Johansen

Nikki Putnam is a registered dietitian nutritionist for Alltech and focuses her efforts on algae. She talked about the future of farming algae to increase DHA Omega-3 fatty acids in our diets with Chuck at the recent National Association of Farm Broadcasting’s Trade Talk. “We are specifically using algae to enrich animal diets, not only to create a healthier animal …

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