Report From National Pork Industry Forum

Jamie Johansen

The pork industry held its annual business meeting, the National Pork Industry Forum, March 5-7 in San Antonio. At the meeting, Pork Act Delegates ranked nine candidates for the National Pork Board and submitted the list to the U.S. secretary of agriculture. The candidates, ranked in order, are: • David Newman, North Dakota • Patrick FitzSimmons, Minnesota • Carl Link, …

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2014 Pork Industry Environmental Stewards

Jamie Johansen

The Pork Checkoff, along with its cosponsor, National Hog Farmer magazine, honored the 2014 Pork Industry Environmental Stewards at the 2015 National Pork Industry Forum held in San Antonio, Texas, last week. The award, in its 20th year, recognizes producers who are dedicated to safeguarding the environment and contributing to their local communities. The 2014 award recipients are: • Bruce …

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Pig Farmer of the Year Award

Jamie Johansen

Outstanding pork producers have one thing in common: they cultivate customer trust every step of the way. The Pork Checkoff’s new America’s Pig Farmer of the Year award program will honor the U.S. pork producer who best excels at raising pigs using the We Care ethical principles and wants to share this with consumers. “The public is the main audience, …

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Pork Producers Optimistic About State of the Industry

Jamie Johansen

Since 2002, the National Pork Board has conducted an annual survey of pork producers to gain insight to the condition of the industry, general attitudes of pig farming and their support of the Checkoff. The most recent survey was conducted in November 2014 and shows great optimism. For the fifth consecutive year, pork producer support for the Checkoff has increased …

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Pork Board Names Chris Hodges as CEO

Jamie Johansen

Chris Hodges, a pork industry leader with substantial senior management experience in agriculture, will join the National Pork Board as its new chief executive officer on Feb. 16. Currently based in Kansas City, Hodges is senior vice president – business development of Smithfield Farmland. “When I first joined what was then Farmland Industries as a grain division manager, I joined …

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Pork Board's Strategic Plan – People, Pigs & Planet

Jamie Johansen

During the 2014 National Association of Farm Broadcasting’s Trade Talk intern, Taylor Truckey, sat down with fellow Michiganite, Dale Norton. Dale is President of the National Pork Board and after they found out they are from neighboring hometowns, they chatted about their new initiative, People, Pigs & Planet that they are using to bridge the gap between producer and consumer. …

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Pork Board Provides Update on PEDv

Jamie Johansen

During the 2014 National Association of Farm Broadcasting annual meeting, Taylor spoke with Dr. Lisa Becton, Director of Swine Health, Information & Research for the National Pork Board, about PEDv and it’s impact on the U.S. swine industry. They also discuss the research currently being conducting to combat this epidemic. “It’s been a very challenging few months. PEDv was first …

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Pork Board Funds New Swine Health Center

Jamie Johansen

At its regularly scheduled November meeting, the National Pork Board’s board of directors approved the funding of a national Swine Health Information Center. The new, autonomous venture will focus its efforts on implementing industry preparedness for disease challenges that could affect U.S. swine herds. According to Dr. Paul Sundberg, vice president of science and technology at the National Pork Board, …

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Pork Board's Strategic Plan to Focus on People, Pigs and Planet

John Davis

National Pork Board officials have debuted a strategic plan designed to guide the organization through the next five years. This news release says the 2020 Strategic Plan will start this January and focus on anticipating and managing the changing world facing U.S. pork producers now and in the future. Rooted in collaboration between industry and supply chain partners, the new …

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Deadline to Serve on Pork Checkoff Board Nears

Jamie Johansen

The Pork Checkoff’s Board of Directors is now accepting nominations to fill five three-year terms and one two-year term commencing in July 2015. Nominees may be submitted by state pork producer associations, farm organizations or anyone who pays into the Pork Checkoff, which includes pig farmers and pork importers. A minimum of nine candidates must be ranked by Pork Act …

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