Pork Board Statement on Antibiotic-Resistant Gene

Jamie Johansen

The National Pork Board reacted to the recent research paper from the Ohio State University research study detailing the researchers’ discovery of an antibiotic-resistant gene in one farrowing barn. They said an important takeaway from the study is that the U.S. pork supply is safe. The resistant gene identified in the study was not found in a market hog, and …

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Pig Farmers Pay-It-Forward with #HamsAcrossAmerica

Jamie Johansen

This Giving Tuesday, the Pork Checkoff is encouraging pig farmers to pay-it-forward with a new holiday campaign called #HamsAcrossAmerica. This first-annual event encourages farmers and others involved in the pork industry to show their appreciation for friends, family and neighbors through the gift of ham – in the form of gifts or donations of ham or ham-based products. “For pig …

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Pork Board Discusses Industry Trends

Lizzy Schultz

The National Pork Board hosted a media teleconference this morning to address the current state of U.S. pork production, highlight current market trends, and define the impact these trends are having on America’s 60,000 pork producers. Speaking on the call were Jan Archer, National Pork Board president, Len Steiner, Steiner Consulting Group, Patrick Fleming, Director, Market Intelligence and Innovation for …

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Pork Checkoff Marketing Partners

Jamie Johansen

The Pork Checkoff works to market and promote U.S. pork for producers nationwide. Checkoff dollars allow for the producer to do what they do best – raise pigs – and leave the marketing to the professionals. National Pork Board President, Jan Archer, took me through the role the board plays in the pork community using checkoff dollars to promote U.S. …

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U.S. Pig Farmers Celebrate Antibiotic Stewardship

Jamie Johansen

American pig farmers’ commitment to their animals, their customers and their communities matches with the goals of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) annual celebration, Get Smart About Antibiotics Week (Nov. 14-20). “The Get Smart About Antibiotics Week is a good time to reflect on our long history of accomplishments in the antibiotics area, such as using …

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Pork Industry Committed to One Health Approach

Lizzy Schultz

The National Pork Board celebrated global One Health Day on Nov. 3 by reaffirming its commitment to its core value of doing what’s right for the overall health of people, pigs and the planet. “We have a proud history of raising pigs in ways that go beyond simple animal health and that are mutually beneficial to human and environmental health,” …

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U.S. Pork Industry Seeks the Pig Farmers of Tomorrow

Jamie Johansen

The Pork Checkoff is launching a new national awards program to recognize, inspire and connect the next generation of American pig farmers. Through Nov. 22, the National Pork Board is seeking applications from young producers to become one of the 2017 Pig Farmers of Tomorrow. The new award will recognize future farm leaders, ages 18-29, who intend to make pig …

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South Dakota Farmer – America’s Pig Farmer of the Year

Jamie Johansen

Brad Greenway, a pig farmer from Mitchell, South Dakota, has been named the 2016 America’s Pig Farmer of the Year by the National Pork Board. He has achieved the highest score from a third-party judging panel and online voting. The award recognizes a pig farmer who excels at raising pigs using the We Care ethical principles and who connects with …

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Pork Board Debuts Online Education Materials

Lizzy Schultz

As part of their ongoing commitment to transparency and increased communication efforts, the National Pork Board has announced the debut of two new online resources, Pork Quick Facts and the Pork Checkoff Photo Library, to help build transparency and trust in the industry. The Checkoff’s Quick Facts provides a snapshot of the pork industry through statistics and infographics, while the …

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Pork Checkoff Promotes Antibiotic Stewardship

Lizzy Schultz

The National Pork Board has recently developed and released several campaigns to promote antibiotic stewardship in pork production. The Pork Checkoff recently defined its three-point antibiotic stewardship plan and has delivered on its pledge of promoting research, pig farmer education and consumer and influencer outreach throughout 2016. “Real, substantive change is underway on pig farms across America with the farmers …

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