VitaFerm Offering Free Fetal Development Wheel

Lizzy Schultz

VitaFerm has designed a unique Fetal Development Wheel to help producers successfully manage their herd’s nutritional needs during breeding, conception, and throughout the various stages of bovine fetal development. The free wheel is based on the work of Dr. Kim Vonnahme, an associate professor at North Dakota State University with expertise in reproductive physiology, nutritional impacts on fetal and placental …

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AAEP Offers Summer Continuing Education Programs

Lizzy Schultz

The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) is presenting three continuing education meetings during summer 2016 for equine veterinarians to use as resources to supplement their foundational knowledge with the latest diagnostics and treatments in core areas of horse health. Each meeting will feature a team of presenters from both private practice and academia. Events include a 360° meeting on …

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USDA Preserving Genetic Diversity of Livestock

Lizzy Schultz

Researchers from the Agricultural Research Service (ARS), the chief intramural scientific research agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), are ensuring that the genetic diversity of our livestock doesn’t disappear, and the key player in that mission is the National Animal Germplasm Collection. The Collection is the largest of its kind, storing over a million germplasms, samples of tissue …

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Illinois to Host Stallion Reproduction Symposium

Lizzy Schultz

The University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine has been chosen to host the seventh International Symposium on Stallion Reproduction from Aug. 27 to 29. The symposium is held every four years, drawing an expected 200 experts in equine reproduction from four continents and more than 60 countries in an effort to advance the field of andrology, the study of …

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Farm Trials Prove Effectiveness of FACTREL®

Lizzy Schultz

The results of three on-farm studies of more than 12,000 cows have shown that FACTREL® Injection (gonadorelin injection) from Zoetis, when used alongside LUTALYSE® Sterile Solution (dinoprost injection), is able to effectively help synchronize estrous cycles and achieve equivalent conception rates as compared with other on-farm fixed-time artificial insemination (AI) protocols in lactating dairy cows. One of those studies was …

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SRS Specialists Meet For Advanced Training

Jamie Johansen

More than 50 professional Select Reproductive Solutions™ (SRS™) specialists from Select Sires’ member organizations and Select Sires GenerVations gathered for the annual SRS Conference held June 15-18 in Madison, Wis. The four-day conference incorporated both classroom and on-farm training allowing attendees to share ideas and learn about the latest in reproductive technology. “Besides the educational aspects, the conference is a …

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Select Sires SMS Conference Hits Record Attendance

Jamie Johansen

More than 160 Select Mating Service™ (SMS™) genetic consultants from Select Sires’ member organizations, international distributors and guests, as well as other Select Sires staff from 22 countries, met at the 40th annual SMS Genetic Consultant Conference, hosted by Select Sires GenerVations in Ontario, Canada, May 9-13. Genetic consultants participated in a day of continuing education. The group discussed new …

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DCRC Hosts 2nd Webinar in Series

Jamie Johansen

The Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council (DCRC) is hosting a webinar series in 2015 that highlights top presentations from its 2014 Annual Meeting. Learn to improve transition cow performance through data monitoring. Register for the event here. The second webinar in this series of four will be held on May 27 at 11am CST. Dr. Michael Overton, Elanco Animal Health, will …

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More States Moving Towards Standardize Trich Testing

Jamie Johansen

In late 2014, the U.S. Animal Health Association (USAHA) endorsed three standard components of interstate regulations and testing for trichomoniasis (trich): – Virgin bulls up to 18 months of age will be exempt from trich testing requirements. – A negative trich test is valid for 60 days after collection if the bull is held separate from females. – A single, …

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