Studying Affects of Weather and Climate on Cattle

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) awarded $19.5 million to support research, education and Extension activities associated with climate solutions in agriculture aimed at the impacts of climate variability and change on dairy and beef cattle. USDA remains focused on carrying out its mission, despite a time of significant budget uncertainty. The announcement is one part of the Department’s efforts …

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New Resources Available for Dairy Producers

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The Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy announced new science-based resources available for dairy producers, processors, industry partners and stakeholders. The resources help the industry act on the unprecedented scientific research commissioned as part of the U.S. Dairy Sustainability Commitment — a collective effort of the dairy value chain to measure and improve the sustainability of U.S. dairy from farm to …

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Drink Milk, Win Nobel?

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A new study published in Practical Neurology suggests that countries whose people consume the most milk and dairy products, per capita, also win the most Nobel Prizes, per capita. Drinking milk makes you smart! Take Sweden, the country most associated with the Nobel prizes. For every 10 million Swedes, there are 31.855 Nobel prizes. The Swedes also consume about 772 …


Cheese Keeps the Kids Full

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A new study published Pediatrics found that children who snacked on cheese and vegetables had a lower intake of calories. Researchers asked a group of 201 children in the third through sixth grade to eat one of four snack types: potato chips, cheese, vegetables or a combination of cheese and vegetables. They were then instructed to eat as much as …


The Hidden Killer Mycotoxin

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What do we do when two-thirds of all grains are contaminated with mycotoxins? This question was answered at Alltech’s recent Global 500. Dairy and beef producers from across the world came together to hear from experts and share advice with each other. Andrew Linscott, ruminant specialist for Alltech United Kingdom, talked with dairy producers about the hidden killer hitting dairies …

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Cheese was Ancient Superfood

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Ancient cheese-making started at least 7,000 years ago according to a new paper published in the journal, Nature. Turning milk into cheese was a way for our ancestors to guarantee they had a source of nutrition if their crops failed. Melanie Salque is the paper’s lead author and a chemist at Bristol University in England. She says some of the …


Opposition to Government Limits on Milk Production

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A new nationwide survey released found that 81 percent of Americans agree that individual farmers should have the freedom to decide how much milk they produce and not have a limit set by government policy. The survey, which was conducted online last month among 2,094 adults by Harris Interactive on behalf of the International Dairy Foods Association, also found that …

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Dairy Protects Against Cancer

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According to Science Daily, milk consumption has been linked to improved health, with decreased risks of diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and colon cancer. A group of scientists in Sweden found that lactoferricin4-14 (Lfcin4-14), a milk protein with known health effects, significantly reduces the growth rate of colon cancer cells over time by prolonging the period of the cell cycle before chromosomes …


Generational Differences Among Dairy Producers

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New research shows how the management style of younger dairy producers and corn growers compares and contrasts with that of their older counterparts. The survey, commissioned by McCormick Company, considered management practices, ownership structures, decision-making processes, business and transition planning, and the role of information — including digital media — in running respondents’ operations. What the study found was that …

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Youth Milk Drinkers Benefit in Old Age

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New research shows that children who drink milk regularly will be physically fitter in their elderly years. The research, published in the Journal Age and Aging, found elderly people who consumed the highest amounts of milk and dairy foods in childhood were able to walk faster and were much less likely to suffer problems with balance. Researchers at Bristol University …

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